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  1. Check your user portal for any sort of quota limit
  2. Did someone noticed worse touch sensitivity when applying tempered glass on their iPhone X or XR screen? 
    I did, but they replaced the display after it was broken, is that an iphone thing or what? 

  3. I use Windows too at my home just because I just want to play games when I'm not at work. (At work I'm full Linux) I will consider switching at home until Proton becomes able to support EAC, and I think this is the case Isn't this game EAC? Then it doesn't have support with wine, but only with native Linux and MacOS versions Anyway considering a translation layer from DX11 to Vulkan or OGL isn't a big deal in 2020, they don't have to rewrite code that much I think there are still valve toolkits around here to make the transition relatively painless. It's even possible to embeed DXVK without using wine for native steam games, so they would only need to add the native Linux EAC
  4. Yeah but how is software compatibility related to the quality of the kernel or the architecture? That was the point there, even if it could run better on older hardware if the game was running on Vulkan than DX11 or anything else that doesn't matter if it doesn't give money return in this case It just perfectly makes sense even if it's sad that's how it is
  5. Another episode of: Where did my ZFS pool go? 
    On my home server with Proxmox


    1. Windows7ge


      I'm doing some VM maintenance on my PROXMOX box right now :D.


      What happens if you do zpool status? Have you tried to import it?

    2. Chunchunmaru_


      apparently the GUI showed up the disks, but when I started the containers they just gave a segfault 


      cd'ing into the mount directory there was NOTHING, I just removed the zpool from proxmox, removed the mountpoint, reimported the ZFS pool and everything started working again....

      I should listen to Linus Torvalds and just ditch ZFS and move everything to an LVMThin 

    3. Windows7ge


      Little over my head there but I've similarly been running a 2 drive ZFS pool set as a mount-point in a LXC Container. Been working fine'n'dandy for months.

  6. Debug stunnel and then post the output debug = 7 In the configuration file
  7. You probably do not understand what Wine is
  8. Use Ubuntu LTS, if you got new hardware, use a more recent version of Ubuntu or even the development one
  9. Mind if you want to use FreeNAS you have to be careful about hardware compatibility
  10. I'll buy a refurbished one the next month, guess if that still counts to statistics
  11. Initially I thought it was about the Hypervisor and I was happy since we moved to KVM since 10 years Then I realized it was about ADC which we never used, our infrastructure is small and we got nothing except small nginx/apache balancers
  12. As the others are saying you are missing hardware acceleration on Linux, I once made a repository if you are on Ubuntu I'll try to update it, it only works with chromium since Firefox has no intention to enable it. If you are on an arch-based distro you can install it from the AUR
  13. I don't think I can stand Android anymore.

    I don't like apple at all but still using an Android phone and calling it durable in 2020 just because of custom ROMs isn't true anymore, LOS is light years behind stock roms especially for the camera support at least for OnePlus phones, and Google app dependency is becoming every time worse and worse than ever

    1. Den-Fi


      iOS had entered the chat...

    2. WikiForce


      Wow, so they aren't allowing custom roms anymore? That's pathetic as it's one of best feature of android

  14. I won't argue it could work with no problems but... The main issue I see here is in big environments, not using a centralized LDAP just gives me headache, and just thinking at using Linux desktop + LDAP authentication, messing up with PAM gives me another headache On Windows is just 2 clicks after creating a local administrator user account
  15. Got 4 Windows 2012 servers locked up in a bootloop thanks for Microsoft not testing their updates


    I'm not the only one I think

    1. Levent


      Every damn ms update gives me PTSD. Microsoft's response to (or the lack of) system breaking updates is funny as hell, this particular issue is almost a year old. 

  16. The only suggestion I can tell is to use Ubuntu instead of EOS, EOS has disabled ppa's by default, no snap support out the box as the Ubuntu app store, and generally if you are a newbie and don't want to dig with the CLI, just use Ubuntu LTS
  17. In desktops I would opt for the 18.04 just for better 3D and 2D drivers