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  1. The VPN problem was an issue to me even before in WSL 1, but mainly because of network names not being passed to the VPN DNS server because of an incorrect /etc/resolv.conf file the WSL created At least now I could connect directly the openvpn client (SSH only), even though without X.org + Remmina I would use the Windows RDP client + two simultaneous VPN client connections
  2. I may have figured it out... Clearly my board "auto" settings is nuts Here is what voltage applies to my sticks Single 4GB (old) stick: 1.214 V, Stock clock 2133Hz Dual 4GB (old) sticks: 1.316 V, Stock clock 2133Hz Single 4GB (old) stick: 1.360 V, 2667Hz Dual 4GB (old) sticks: 1.210 V, 2667Hz Single 4GB (new) stick: 1.210 V, 2333Hz (no oc, auto mode) Single 4GB (new) stick: 1.360V, 2667Hz Three 4GB sticks. 1.360V, stock clocks 2133Hz Three 4GB sticks. 1.210V, at 2667Hz ???????????????? Is 1.316V safe? Anyway, I'll try forcing 1.250V first and see how it goes
  3. I already thought about that, but it's strange they work fine when only the two of them are installed I tried mixing the old and the new one in dual-channel mode without the third old one, so 1x4GB New one + 1x4GB Old one and I got no issues at all With further investigating, I noticed the following things, maybe this board is a bit nuts With stock bios settings, no OC at all, with the old sticks, the DRAM voltage states 1.36V When I set the OC at 2667 (without changing anything else) the DRAM voltage locks up to 1.21V Could it be I need to force the voltage a bit higher?? Even though both sticks are rated for 1.2V Could I try forcing the voltage at 1.25V?
  4. Good morning, I'll start with the system setup CPU: Ryzen 5 1600, stock clocks Mobo: MSI B350M Mortar RAM: a couple of old, scrapped from a skylake build (2015) 2x DDR4 HyperX 4GB RAM, serial KHX2133C14D4, stock clocked at 2133Hz New ram stick: 1x DDR4 HyperX 4GB RAM, serial KHX3200C16D4/4GX, maximum clock 3200Hz PSU: Enermax Triathlor Eco 550W GPU: RX 580 8GB I overclocked the two old 4GB x2 HyperX sticks at 2667Hz from the bios since a LOT of years and it was pretty much stable, I could even leave stock voltages (1.2V) since it was rated for in the product page, but without XMP Amazon page (couldn't find the product page anymore from kingston) https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B00TY6A1P0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The issue came out when I installed the new (5yo newer!) ram stick, and since it was rated for 3200Hz I was pretty much sure to have no problems at all, but eventually both Linux and Windows started acting strange, bsods, random reboots, and the Windows Memory Diagnostic almost gave out hardware problems instantly when the clock was set at 2667Hz from the bios... I'm pretty much clueless of what I have to do and what the problem could be, here are the things I tried: - Tried swapping the DIMM slots (I got 4), no luck no matter the order - Tried to swap the ram so the dual channel is made between the old one and the new one (also tried the opposite), no luck - Updated the BIOS - Tried to OC only two sticks in dual channel, the old and new one, it worked perfectly, so wtf? so, tl;dr, the problem comes out only when 3 DIMMS are installed, no matter in which order or memory channel, they won't work decently if the clock is set at 2667Hz They work fine when I leave stock clocks Here are the SPD pages of CPU-Z Old one New one: Could it be something voltage-related?
  5. Try to install the 32 bit drivers sudo apt install libvulkan1 libvulkan1:i386 and if you got the 430 nvidia drivers libnvidia-gl-430:i386 Also try to reinstall the drivers from the driver manager if the issue still persist Also I recommend using the ppa:graphics-drivers repo
  6. The ISP is probably blocking the incoming 25 port, not the outgoing one, so it's probably something bad configured if you can't still send emails using GMAIL as a relay host Also, afaik GMAIL only uses SSL, from the log I can clearly see you are configuring gmail to relay mails to the port 25
  7. sadly OMV is not a desktop OS, interfering with it configuring the net interfaces could cause issues USB tethering anyway needs the usbnet kernel module to be avaiable, then it should show up as an interface type ifconfig -a if you can obtain an address with dhcp ethX or with dhcpd ethX, you are good to go and you have an internet connection as for the lan driver, just type lspci -v as root so I can understand what kind of chipset it is
  8. It's possible but that hardware and storage is too weak, you would have definitely a worse experience than the one you described You may be more lucky to host one yourself on your desktop PC
  9. Certbot ACME works in two ways, the easiest one is letting it spinning up a webserver and if you want a certificate for your apache server, you first need to stop it, it clearly says it can't bind the 80 since there is your apache listening on it. Just stop the service and run the command again, obviously your name must be reachable form the internet
  10. Well uhm... I do... At work Over 20 servers, at least Well actually I try to regularly update all of them including the bios, ssd and hdd firmware and the OS itself so I do not worry that much, all of them under warranty
  11. Aliexpress has tons of them for cheap, and I mean REALLY cheap, I bought one for around 40€ for the 9550 model (84Wh)
  12. Does anyone know if Razer US ships worldwide? 
    I want to buy a Razer Blade 15 but I don't know anything at all about customs and anything else

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    2. dizmo


      There are plenty of gaming laptops that look perfectly at home in an office setting.

      Your 1060 will get 1050, maybe 1050Ti level performance. If you're fine with that, then great.

      Don't get a Razer enclosure though, they're needlessly overpriced. Like most Razer products.

    3. Chunchunmaru_


      Yeah I know but that’s the best I can find atm, other enclosures are expensive like hell here


      the main point I’m going with a razer one is basically the ethernet port and the 4 USB outputs 

    4. Chunchunmaru_


      I mean the other ones are not much cheaper 

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  13. Certainly I would say that an Ubuntu based distro would be more stable by the way apt works instead an Arch based distro From a performance standpoint, unless it's a fairly recent hardware, and I mean REALLY new and recent hardware, the performance difference wouldn't be noticeable, so just stick with Ubuntu/Neon LTS
  14. Yeah, theoretically I have to sign a paper where I tell where I’m going and where I’m from and the reason I’m doing that. I’m 100km far from the closest red zone and in my city I think there are 10 cases Pretty sure not everyone did this and I have yet to see a single police officer checking all the cars travelling on the road Meanwhile I just left those papers in my car
  15. Why not use Timeshift making full file level backups, then move your /home?
  16. It just wont, they are not even interested, probably they are unaware the fact va-api actually works and it's not the garbage it was in 2010 But I also think they prefer developing the OpenGL video decoding backend called glxsomething Some chromium beta builds actually have hardware decoding with va-api, I don't know if there are still PPA's around there with it It actually is, but not for GPU's or anything media related that is supposed to work with Windows software (few exceptions with the playstation 4 controller driver for example) Are you referring to the AMD Southern Island amdgpu driver? That's because it's still an experimental support, using the terminal is mandatory as it's basically an hack, but not for installing classic proprietary nvidia drivers, you have the GUI for that
  17. The only big issues I had about Windows 10 were related to UWP apps not starting, and more recently issues about windows search. I hope this doesn’t happen at work because it will be definitely annoying
  18. Cups is for printing, not for scanning You need the HPLIP drivers probably
  19. Well I imagined it... Sometimes you are supposed to change the RDP port for various reasons (security, multi servers, etc)... But usually (at least me) you do that via a firewall rule and never locally, but it happened in the past it was necessary because of some odd windows bug where the 3389 port never worked
  20. Budget: Around 2000€, from Europe Specs: Minimum an i5 9/10th gen, 8GB of RAM, GPU powerful like a GTX 1660 Main usage: Primary gaming at home, then for work (outside), occasional gaming outside home (or when I got nothing to do at work) I'm thinking to buy a new laptop this year but I still can't decide what model starting to look for I previously had an XPS but I find the medium-range graphics card not enough for the games I play, but I needed at least the same mobility and battery life (or at least close, maybe at least 5h battery life with soft-medium workload) It shouldn't thermal throttle like hell or reach ridiculous temperatures. Consider I will probably buy some sort of dock at home with fans on it I was thinking about the Razer Blade 15, 144Hz model + i7 and 1660 Ti, but I can't really understand how the hell I am supposed to buy it from Italy (razer doesn't sold the Blade here) for the best price and with an English keyboard, maybe someone can help me there? Is it worth buying from the US then paying taxes the customs? (it costs around 300€ less here) Honestly except the Razer Blade 15 model I couldn't think very much of anything else, the Alienware or the usual gaming-laptop greedy-looking models look really ugly to me, I'd be ashamed to take something like that outside. The Razer Blade just looks almost perfect to me for the size/performance battery life and thermals from what I could see I also took a look at the X1 carbon, but still weaky GPU and not really meant for gaming (or at least not like an XPS) Obviously I'm waiting till this summer for the new razer model, also especially for the new XPS15, maybe a decent GPU will come out this time on it?
  21. Check if the remote desktop service is running first Also use TCPview from Sysinternals Are you sure in the registry the RDP port is set 3389? Anyway that port forwarding rule seems a bit strange to me, what is TCP Any -> 3389 supposed to mean? From any IP? And from the same port?
  22. Windows search on Windows 10 start menu Is broken worldwide


    1. Cyberspirit


      Amazing. xD It seems to work now though.

    2. Bananasplit_00


      Mine is still fucked... Well, it was when I left work yesterday eve. Let's see if it works again once I get back to work

    3. Cyberspirit


      Maybe it's a regional thing?

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  23. PXE boot barely works with a modern Linux desktop distro and requires a specific PXE setup (using ipxe, putting up a config) that includes decompressing the disk image and booting specifying the initramfs and the rootfs separately, with Windows there Is something similar but still an hack since modern operating systems will complain booting from PXE for obvious reasons But there are some other useful ways to use PXE like setting up a FOG imaging server, which deploys Windows 10 images from a full supported PXE boot'd OS, but nowhere here you will have something simple as "boot the installer ISO through PXE" except for very small OS that are set up to run from RAM