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  1. Does that mean we get a new MySQL version featuring neural networks from idiot TikTok videos?
  2. Elementary OS has a custom set of packages and differs from the usual "ubuntu" I don't think you can get to work another DE that easily like on an official ubuntu flavor
  3. Just try to use the Gnome-Disks app, it's more like a fstab frontend and you can edit everything from there
  4. Mh no? Is there any need aside embedded devices to have half a millisecond difference in boot? In 2020 I suppose everyone has an SSD
  5. The problem is that Exchange mail servers are widely used, and Linux mail clients have no decent support to it
  6. Even if it's improving, what I think is really missing right now in Linux Gaming is decent optimus laptop support, obviously you can't tell someone to edit environment variables just to make it run to a specific graphics card, not to mention that it's not even close to what Windows offers (mainly no dynamic discrete graphics card loading, plus consuming more power) I work in the IT field too and all of my servers run on Linux, including domain controllers, with a few exceptions, and myself for managing them I feel much more comfortable, I absolutely LOVE to work with Remmina, it's a life saver, but for clients? Even if they could use Libreoffice most of them just cannot work without Outlook, sadly some of my customers in some cases are still using Access, with strange macros since the 90' that do not work on libreoffice (they barely work on newer windows versions) also in my country the 80% the ERP software (and other government ones for taxes, querying customs information about goods, etc) requires Windows and it's definitely a no-no on Linux (except for a few web-based) excluding some thin clients I personally set up in manufacturing environments all the clients must be running windows Assuming I want them to use Linux instead, asking customers to buy a Terminal Server (or a virtual machine on their computers) just to use a bunch of important software, considering all the work that is needed, is definitely a waste of money at the current state (also terminal server licenses in W2019 server...)
  7. mistakes were made

  8. Android IS based on linux, if you are just trying to run terminal programs you can just root the phone and install a terminal emulator. You can even run Ubuntu through chroot
  9. are you sure eth0 is the name of your physical adapter? I ask this if you copy pasted the iptables commands from somewhere without editing it
  10. It would be nice if that would still work and not break anything after every windows update
  11. So that's why my OpenVPN configurations I use on Windows clients can be edited from Windows 10 but not from Windows 7, good to know However, I'd really wish some useful and optional features in notepad, like very very basic syntax highlighting and multi tabbing, something that wouldn't mess that much with what everyone is used to, they partially did this to windows explorer (even if it's still missing multi-tab here) And I hope no UWP apps like Paint 3D are planned, unless it's something like the new screen capture app
  12. Tell us the chipset name of that wifi chip, so far it looks like it has a shitty driver and we need to know the exact name to see if there is another driver avaiable
  13. Personally I'm constantly switching between because one can't fulfill the other, my blasphemy levels are out of control I would say Windows is much more garbage of course, Linux would be better with more third-party support
  14. A bit of an advice of what you are doing here for the 3.2 part You are enabling AMDGPU support for legacy GPU's who primarly use the radeon driver, the amdgpu driver is builtin at least from the last 3 years on the major distros and the only AMD GPU's that will use it are Southern Islands (SI) GPU's and Sea Islands (CIK) GPU's, and what you wrote was enabling support ONLY for CIK gpu's, you actually have to put this Southern Islands (SI): radeon.si_support=0 amdgpu.si_support=1 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon_HD_7000_series) Sea Islands (CIK): radeon.cik_support=0 amdgpu.cik_support=1 (as you correctly wrote, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon_Rx_200_series) This is not needed for new gen AMD GPU's
  15. I don't think an anti cheat software has an ext4 driver builtin, anyway the only way would be blocking access to the second hard-drive or partition with LUKS (or just unplug it)
  16. Also what distro are you running? Do you have all the wine dependencies?
  17. https://www.protondb.com/app/271590 As stating here it should run just fine the only thing I can think of is: Is the game installed on an external HDD? Are you using the latest proton version? (5.0.6) Anyway try also cleaning the wine prefix then running the game again (it should be located in steamapps/compatdata/*appidofgta5*/
  18. I don't think so, they got different CPU architecture I think? You may have better luck by just installing an Unix System V with qemu and install the programs on it
  19. I think there is a misconception here, you are not using the classic "privacy-friendly VPN" that someone sells When working from home you are supposed to access the company resources through their own VPN server without opening any useless resource to the internet
  20. I'm surprised they actually signed that driver and not some VirtIO drivers for KVM running Windows VM's