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    Anime, computers, games, weapons, kittens


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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600
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    8GB HyniX
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    NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB
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    NZXT H500I
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    NvME Samsung 970 EVO
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    EVGA 600
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    Dell S2716DG
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    NH-D15 SE-AM4
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    Corsair K63 - MX red
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    Logitech G203
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    Sound Blaster Z
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    Windows 10 + Ubuntu 19.04

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  1. I would edit the boot parameters to disable the Radeon driver and forcing the Intel one for everything Try press E when grub is shown to edit boot parameters, add them after quiet splash separated with a space Try those boot parameters separately if putting all of them doesn't give any luck, like radeon.blacklist=1 i915.modeset=1 then radeon.modeset=0 i915.modeset=1 radeon.blacklist=1 only separately, same for modeset If none of those still gives any luck, try amdgpu instead of radeon like amdgpu.blacklist=1... etc following all the steps again
  2. Chunchunmaru_

    i3wm Graphics Problem

    It's normal, i3 doesn't use a compositor, you need to enable vsync via a compositor You can use compton
  3. Chunchunmaru_

    Screen Tearing

    Are you currently using the NVIDIA GPU or the Intel one? (There is a menu to switch that) run glxinfo | grep NVIDIA, what does it show? It is supposed to have screen tearing when you are running via NVIDIA because of prime synchronization disabled, but don't enable it unless you don't play video games Btw it's strange because I see your Intel iGPU is not detected correctly (can be a screefetch bug)
  4. Chunchunmaru_

    Can't get drivers on Pop!_OS

    Doesn't PopOS already come with wl drivers preinstalled instead of the b43? (btw I think it appears on the ubuntu driver manager afaik)
  5. I'm not 100% sure, but my supposition since I don't know how they pick this data, and assuming it's via browser, they could have decided to include even undetected platforms as "unknown" Which can be obtainable by using browsers with some privacy extensions which presumably hides the user agent OS data, or again also by phone browsers who have "desktop mode" enabled, which again changes the user agent (which shows as a Desktop OS iOS or Android for example, so those may be put in there as well) That's the only way I could explain this
  6. There is no need to do that... The Windows 10 .iso is free to download
  7. It's not a good sign...Are you sure there are not any hardware problems? I would make an USB windows 10 recovery drive, and try things from there...
  8. Advanced restart options (the one that cames out when you failed to boot 3 or 4 times) should give you the ability to downgrade with a button
  9. chkdsk /F for the file system, sfc /scannow for system integrity checking, and you could also try DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  10. Boot in safe mode, and uninstall the update, then do some file system checking, system corruption test and try to install the update again
  11. Imo they are not that comparable Since this is exclusively an issue with Windows 3rd party drivers, and in those systems (BSD, MacOS and Linux) the driver release are completely different. First of all, the linux mainline kernel drivers require the code to complain to some standards (and for a reason) and FreeBSD follows a similar line, MacOS too Second, Windows drivers do not break ABI that frequently, while on those unix-systems drivers need to be recompiled for every kernel build (and linux drivers are open source, so pretty easy to port for eventual ABI changes thus causing not issues with that, but they still have to be recompiled anyway by design), that means windows drivers are retro compatible (and can ALSO be installed on later versions of the OS), and could be installed when they shouldn't The only to blame here are 3rd developers, and in a small quantity Microsoft, which imo should require stricter controls and a sort of certification for those drivers to be installed with quality standards, and stricter OS requirements (Not every windows 8 drivers will work on 10 and will just cause issues)
  12. I still get it sometimes, I could basically open my eyes after a nightmare, but I'm not able to distinguish things and I start to hallucinate like you looked at the sun directly or some bright image, and you still see it when you look at something else, things that do not exist in the real world but that can get confused in a dark room, but once I'm able to move I quickly pick up the phone and just act as it's normal...I just deal with it. When I was a kid, I was totally able to control my dreams and wake up relatively quickly, now I can't but I'm not scared as I used to do
  13. Basically this^ And it's the reason why you could get BSOD's or similar issues in those situations
  14. The only way for Valve to make a decent gain to Linux market share is to release Half Life 3 only to it

    1. TopHatProductions115


      and Steam Machine



    2. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      You have triggered several people with that statement @Chunchunmaru_

  15. Chunchunmaru_

    steam controller

    I actually remember you have to use steam big picture and then configure the controller there