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  1. https://volts-tech-news.blogspot.com/
  2. Geez dood, chill with replying to threads just to slap your blog link in people's faces. Just put it in your sig: 




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      IDK if its agenst the rules in my signature but I would imagine so, and I've already gotten 4 views in the past 10 min from LTT.com

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      And pls support my content on my blog and leave a comment

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      Nope, advertising isn't allowed.


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  3. Their might be something wrong with your settings
  4. Noctua is the best cooler on the planet
  5. The best Nividia GPU that that CPU can support without a bottle neck is the 1050ti or the 1060. If you get the 1060 don't get the 3GB. Its a waste of money and only for cryptocurrency miners.
  6. I think your issue is not related to that connector. That connector should work just fine to my knowledge.
  7. Their are two soultions for your problem 1. Get new CPU. 2. Lock frames at 60 or 75 The ryzen 3 is not a great match for the 580, you should use a ryzen 5, that should keep up.
  8. PUBG will always have random FPS jumps, don't worry its normal.
  9. Noctua cooler never hurt, only like $30, and their great.
  10. First I would use task manager to see if your CPU is at %100 utilization. If so you have found your problem, it could also be your ram. For 4K gaming DDR3 could be a bottle neck.
  11. This may just be the coolest school I have ever seen. I wish my school had this. The computer lab in the high school is an empty room with desks. We all use laptops.