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Mr. horse

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    The house of next tuesday.


  • CPU
    E5 1680 v2 @4ghz
  • Motherboard
    rampage 4
  • RAM
    16gb ddr3
  • GPU
    7970 quad fire
  • Case
    mid 90s antec server case
  • Storage
    4 120gb ssd's raid 0 2 1tb raid 0
  • PSU
    1.2kw and 1kw
  • Display(s)
    20" crt
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  1. Not entirely. We don't really need vaccines to stop the spread illnesses. Most people are uneducated fools when dealing with illnesses and speard them and make the problem far worse then it needs to be.
  2. I wouldn't say vacations are all good and buttercups. I had a rather nasty reaction to vacations in the past and im not the only one. There not an option for everyone.
  3. Mr. horse

    2003 Era Correct Water Cooled Gaming PC.

    Im younger them one may think. There is a local over the air TV channel that airs only shows from the late 80s and back were I live. Attached is an image of the B&K 467.
  4. Mr. horse

    2003 Era Correct Water Cooled Gaming PC.

    Ok. I got the B&K 467 Friday. Sadly I cant find the specks on the monitor's tube I have nor do I have the right adapter for it. Its a tube only used by misubishi. Looking at the tubes model number its a 6.3v htr and 50v g1 But Ill still have to use clamps on the leads of the tube or find the right adapter to plug the tube into the B&K. I did clean and balance my old TV. But the TV still needs a recap and the tube has a slight htr leak so it will never quite work right. Regarding the CRT monitor I have. It just needs a clean and balance and the contrast fixed. So its no biggy that I cant use the B&K on it. I can fix 90% of its problems with fine tunning. Attached is an image of my late 70s tv after it was cleaned and balanced. Some day ill gut it and put a newer tv in it.
  5. Mr. horse

    Decode This

    looks like your missing a font or language support. That page is likely trying to load the text in Chinese.
  6. Ok, you could try tapping into the antenna if the VHS player outputs VHF singles. Maybe the antenna is messing with the single? can the antenna be removed?
  7. Odd, I never had a problem like that. But I guise every raid controller is different. Yes raid 1 is more or less just a automatic cloning of the drives were raid 0 brakes the data up into chunks and shares a chuck on etch drive.
  8. They could have been using some funky software hybrid raid setup that would simulate something like raid 1+0 with 2 drives. But that is very highly unlikely. To the OP, if its raid 1 you can just put one of the 2 drives in anther system and pull the files off it. if its raid 0 have fun. OK even raid 0 is not that hard to deal with. If its software raid you just need to load up the right software on the system to raid the drives. If its hardware raid you will need a raid controller that can identify the Raid 0 setup on the drives.
  9. Mr. horse

    Anyone else used Galax gpu before?

    They're made by Palit Microsystems. They are good cards.
  10. I would get something rather old and outputs a VHF single like a old pong set or Magnavox Odyssey. A 2600 or most second gen game consoles should work. A very early VCR (not VHS) player or early beta max player may work too. Maybe or maybe not. It would depend on the RF converter. It would have to output something the TV can receive. I'm willing to bet that TV is only setup for over the air VHF signals. EDIT: Does this TV have a coax input? Or dose it have screw terminals for an antenna
  11. I would investigate the VHS players compatibility with the TV at this point.
  12. Mr. horse

    Help getting new thermal paste?

    Wile AC5 is ok. its not worth the price anymore, you can get far better compounds for less. And alot of AC5 is NOS and dry in the tube so it does even worse then newer compounds. That and it has a cure time witch is kind of annoying, not a big deal but still annoying.
  13. Mr. horse

    Help getting new thermal paste?

    Don't do the spread method, that is not how most every thermal compound works.
  14. I'm currently stuck with having two PCs because one flippin poorly programing game can not be played on my retro gaming PC.

    Mound and Blade is a grate game and all, but it sure is resource hungry in battles with more then a few NPC or mods and higher resolutions. Yet it can be played on the lowest settings with a Pentium 4 potato PC. However with all settings on low the game is not relay any fun to play, Battles with 5-10 NPC is no fun and DX7 mode is rather wonky looking.

  15. Wow, I don't know whether to find this funny or sad.