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  1. preshy360


    this is the model I was given mikrotik router 951ui 2hnd, I did some digging myself, and asked why the ISP why chose the router, they told me it's because they can run scripts on it, besides that the interface is no "average joe" stuff, saw some videos on youtube, its quite different from other routers, what I wanna know is what sets it apart from the rest of the routers, if you say its so damn good, of which I know to an extent. but I just wanna be clear on what makes it different. thanks
  2. been using Linux mint 19 updated to 19.1 so far its all good. A lot of bugs where fixed, so far it's been smooth sailing, Manjaro is not a bad distro, saw it once on a friends system its UI is really good, basic functionality not bad at all.
  3. preshy360


    lol emosun, that's just an old one I picked up at work to take a picture off
  4. preshy360


    Please, I will like to know the major difference between these two routers, on the top is netgear router and on the bottom is Mikrotik router, when my ISP installed wifi in my how they used the Mikrotik router, and it has wireless AP on it but I didn't see any antenna on it. also, I will like to know what makes the other preferable and what are the use case scenarios