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    Athlon 200ge
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    MSI A320M PRO-VD/S
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    8 GB (DUAL CHANNEL 4*2)
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  1. No I dont think so after all I deleted the game 4 times and reinstalled it including the user files. The only problems are the running indefinitely and top down view but I can control cj with keyboard
  2. Well I Love GTA SA. But Now In My New PC I Cant Properly Play It After I Installed SA Directx 2.0 . WHEN I Start The Game CJ Just Automatically Runs Forward and doesn't stop and the camera angle has become top down. Also for note I did change the camera angle in sa directx 2.0 but I deleted the game and user file and then reinstalled it but now nothing not even gta 3 works of them have top down view and claude also starts running forward . What should I do ? Which file should I delete?
  3. Thanks A Lot Man I Really Appreciate It. I Cleaned The Dust Of My Ram*(no dust was there ,just removed 1 stick and put it back) voila! It works again
  4. Ok I removed one ram stick cleaned it and tried to put it into its ram slot. I turned on the pc it posts but all the display is with green color and only one of my ram stick is recognized . What should I do?
  5. When I first turn it on it turns on and immediately turns off and turns on again and stays on but nothing shows in monitor
  6. I was just playing games on it a while ago. I switched it off and went to eat but then when I came back and switched it on first it turns on but nothing would show up on the monitor then it turns off and again turns on
  7. I checked the VGA cable reconnected it but nothing happened. The pc doesnt show anything on the monitor everything lights up inside it all fans runs and motherboard led also lights up!