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  1. So if it potentially a power supply issue, how could I determine that? Like what should I look for? I don't have a spare one laying around to swap out. I have CPUID HWMonitor installed and ran it for an hour or two last night and watched the voltages but nothing really look strange and all of the different categories were pretty darn stable.
  2. The box the ram came in says AMD Ryzen 3000 compatible....
  3. Hey guys so if you check my profile you will see that I have been having a ton of trouble with my new system that I built. After having my ram RMA'd once and my motherboard twice, I am still having the same exact problems and I am lost beyond belief. This is making me just want to sell my computer all together. A short run down is that my desktop since I built it has ran kind of weird sometimes getting stuck when booting from a shut down. It would get stuck on the yellow DRAM light on my motherboard and after switching it on and off at the power supply, this would usually fix the problem and it would boot up. Now however after I have sent the RAM in and the motherboard TWICE, it is still doing the same thing. I just received a new motherboard from ASUS so I can't really think it is the motherboard anymore. Now it only boots with one stick of ram in it and when I put two in it either is stuck on the DRAM light or the red CPU light. I just can't think of what could be causing this problem. Occasionally the RGB lights flicker as well but that is a different problem. I have tried setting the memory frequency down to 3200MHz instead of the advertised 3600 hoping that it might help. No better. Could it be the CPU? I mean it works with one stick of ram so is that even possible? If anybody can think of anything I would love to hear it. Thanks. Computer Specs: CPU: 3900X RAM: TridentZ Neo 2x16GB 3600MHz GPU: RTX 2070 Super Gaming X Trio Storag: 3TB HDD Seagate and 512GB NVME Sabrent Rocket Power Supply: Corsair RM750x
  4. Ryzen 3900X. When I talked to ASUS they said all the components I am using are compatible.
  5. I altered it thinking it may be unstable. It was set to 1.35 and I have since reset it from 1.3 to 1.35.
  6. Hello, I am having trouble with my X570 motherboard problem and I have had it sent back to ASUS once already. The problem is when turn it on sometimes it will get stuck on the yellow boot light meaning a ram error. Replaced the ram and then it cycled between ram, cpu, and vga error. Now after getting it back from ASUS, which they said the problem was the BIOS needed to be updated and that fixed the problem, it still has the same problem. This time however if using two sticks of ram is shows a CPU error but if using only one stick of RAM in the second from the left dimm slot it boots alright. Sometimes it chooses that there is a ram error in the middle of using it however and restarts to the ram portion of the boot process. I have tried each stick of ram and they work fine. I am in the process of sending it back again but I just wanted to hear any thoughts of what else could possibly be causing this issue besides the motherboard if there are any that come to mind. Thanks!
  7. I am having a similar issue my X570 Tuf board as well. It runs reliably with one stick of ram in it but when putting two in it gets hung up on either the yellow light or the red light. I sent it to ASUS and they said they fixed the issue but it still does the same thing.
  8. Here are my current BIOS settings for ram. frequencies, voltages, etc.
  9. Yes I have tried each stick of ram independently and together. Both sticks run fine in the (if you're looking at the ram straight on) second slot from the left. However when you put another stick in the matching fourth slot it locks up on the CPU boot portion.
  10. Update: It boots reliably with only one stick of ram in it, doesn't matter which one. However when I try two it gets stuck on the red light meaning CPU error which can't be because it runs fine with only one stick of ram correct?
  11. Hello, I am having trouble with my desktop not booting reliably. I built it about three months ago and it has never been quite right. My motherboard, the X570 TUF Gaming WiFi, has boot lights that cycle as the computer starts up and if one stays lit then there is supposedly an error linked to whatever color it may be. Now the issue that I am having is that sometimes, not always, when I boot my PC it gets hung up during the boot sequence and the motherboard shows a yellow light which means there is a problem with the ram. So I replaced the ram with brand new ram from the factory and put it in there after about a month away from the computer due to travels. When I put the new ram in there it did the same thing but now if it got past the ram it would show a CPU error, and if it got past that it would show a VGA error. So I hopped on the ASUS website and talked to the support and they agreed to have me RMA it. I sent it in and just got it back yesterday and they said the issue was a BIOS/FW update. Cool. After reassembling the computer, it now does actually boot sometimes but it still gets hung up on the ram portion of the boot. ASUS said all my components work together so I am thinking that it is still the motherboard. I have my doubts that ASUS actually "tested" the board to see if it worked and just slapped the latest BIOS on there and sent it my way. Also it doesn't like two sticks of ram, only one, and in the third DIMM slot. Once yesterday when I was in the middle of using the computer it randomly decided it had a RAM error and booted again from the RAM portion of the boot process. I am kind of lost on what to do. Could it be something else besides the motherboard? Or should I contact ASUS again and have them send me an entire new one? Thanks! Below are the specs to my PC: Ryzen 3900X RTX 2070 Super Gaming X Trio TridentZ Neo 2x16GB 3600 speed Corsair 750 RMX power supply 3TB Seagate HDD 512GB Sabrent NVME SSD
  12. It shouldn't be the CPU because it worked fine before correct? It seems that the motherboard was having issues and it finally gave up.
  13. Yes and it works best on the third slot as shown. It just booted the furthest point yet just now. It shows a white light which is now meaning VGA error. So it is cycling between ram error, cpu error, and VGA error now?