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  1. If I link my forum account to my discord account, will I still have to give discord my phone number to join the ltt discord?
  2. If you want to code quickly, personally I stopped using arrays I started using Lists and Lists of Lists. I'm not saying it runs quicker, but it's easier to code. And then later I plan on converting the lists to arrays, when I feel like it or something. I just find them faster to code around than arrays. Maybe I'm doing arrays wrong though. lool. *though I do still start off with arrays, but I usually convert them to lists later
  3. If you want to do the output one line at a time, this should work (I didn't test it, sorry if it doesn't work, I will fix it) Dim lineNumber As Integer Sub AddToTextBox(ByVal _inputText As String) lineNumber += 1 OutputTextBox.Text = lineNumber & ". " & _inputText & vbNewLine End Sub So to get the same output as in your post, it would work like: AddToTextBox("Line 1") AddToTextBox("Line 2") AddToTextBox("Line 3") AddToTextBox("Line 4") AddToTextBox("Line 5") AddToTextBox("Line 6") AddToTextBox("Line 7") AddToTextBox("Line 8")
  4. bindy, ty for posting! I just want to encourage you to make these posts in the future. Posts like this are absolute gold to find on google. There's been a handful of posts I've found like this over the years and they have been really flippin' helpful. So for the future coders out there, please keep this mentality!
  5. Here you go friend ? Edit: Guess I didn't notice I could upload the file before. So I attached it. There's a link to the code in case you wanna do it yourself or something. Timed Shutdown.bat Just save it's name as "Timed Shutdown.bat" So paste it into notepad, click File -> Save As -> put "Timed Shutdown.bat" in the file name field -> Save Type As: All Files (*.*) -> Save And Voila! https://textuploader.com/15eau
  6. If you know how long you want your computer on for, you can hit the windows key + r key to open the Run prompt, and then put in "shutdown /s /t 300" but replace 300 with the time, in seconds, that you want your computer to shut down from now. And then if you want to cancel that, do the windows key + r key, and put in "shutdown /a" and it will abort the shutdown. If you try that method out and like it, I can help you make a shortcut to it so you can start it like you would anything else on your computer.