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  1. Zile22

    slow booting

    Crucial MX500 500gb
  2. Zile22

    slow booting

    Its I already checked it. maybe its cause csm? that option is enabled on my motherboard setting cuz without that it dont want to detect my ssd or hard drive?
  3. Zile22

    slow booting

    yh. I really dont know what to do
  4. Zile22

    slow booting

    i do not. I saw some people that had this issue open regedit and search for something i forgot and like that fix it. but i dont have that cause i think its just for amd graphics ?
  5. Zile22

    slow booting

    idk what you need else. I have 2tb hard drive and one ssd of 512gb ? My cpu : ryzen 9 3900x gpu : rtx 2070 super msi trio ram : 16 dual ?
  6. Zile22

    slow booting

    Yo yo guys can someone help me ? Why do i have problem when i start my pc i wait around 5 mins or more onto windows logo booting. I am using ssd 512gb. Idk why is that happening ? I turned on fast boot in settings like somebody told me but nah.
  7. ah i gotta check in the box.ty
  8. i am using hdmi cable.I am not sure did i got displayport cable ?
  9. and i turned on it on monitor settings
  10. i am using rtx 2070 super
  11. hi guys i have hp 24x monitor 144hz which support both freesync and gsync but for some reason i cant find it in nvidia control panel ? I am using latest drivers and here is pic of nvidia page saying that my monitor is compatible