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  1. I couldn't resist myself when I say Yvonne post the pic of Linus yesterday
  2. Problem solved, my son just confessed he was on my pc and enabled game mode in ryzen master and somehow game mode with my motherboard cuts it down to one ccd. I've reinstalled ryzen master and now we're all good. Thanks for all of your help.
  3. Ok so I just installed my cpu in my sons machine and it worked within spec, r20 score 5976. I've reinstalled it back into my motherboard and still have the same issue. I swapped my 3800x back into it and that one was running at half the speed as well. I just noticed that it looks like my motherboard is only recognizing half of the ccx's as 6 core 12 thread cpu. I've reset the bios back to default settings only running my raid config and have 0 idea how this could happen other than my mobo having a hardware issue. Any ideas?
  4. No, I just checked it and it is enabled.
  5. There's no software, the controller connects to a pwm header on the mobo
  6. I'll give that a try tomorrow, thanks for the help. Disabling PBO didn't help
  7. It does, I will disable it and see if that helps.
  8. Yes, I also checked to make sure that all my drivers were up to date...chipset drivers were the only ones that were new
  9. Also on hwinfo it's saying VRM MOS is between 52-54c
  10. I was monitoring the clocks during an aida64 stress test and they stayed consistent over 4.1 with no dramatic spikes, I have a csv of hwinfo recorded during a recent cinebench run could I upload that or is that too much data?
  11. Cinebench 3365 - 3900x, 3589 - 3600 Clock 4.516 max 4.094 avg CPU is seeing spikes of 1.475 avg 1.291 Temps peak 74c avg 51
  12. Yeah that's what the crazy thing was, the clocks were peaking at 4.2 which is where they were when I ran my first benchmarks.
  13. I've done that, sorry I didn't mention that. I also uninstalled Ryzen Master to make sure there wasn't anything in there that was pulled from my 3800x being applied to this CPU
  14. I have been working on my dream setup desk and all for the last three months and finally got to a point that I was ready to set everything up. My PC has been stable since the first post and the CPU was so fast out of the box I didn't even want to worry about overclocking it so for the last 6 weeks I've been running the cpu stock with XMP on my ram. My configurations is as follows: Ryzen 9 3900x x570 Aorus Ultra 32 GB Trident Z Neo 3600 16-19-19-19-38 5700xt Mech OC 2 x 1 TB Silicon Power NVME SSD Raid 0 3 x 2 TB HDD Raid 0 240mm Cooler Master AIO Corsair RM 750 PSU I was running a 3800x on this with this same configuration since the Radeon drivers became stable earlier this year and once those drivers were fixed it seemed as though that solved all my problems. Previously I had issues getting the XMP profile to run on this kit as I had paired two 32 GB kits with serial numbers that appeared they were manufactured around the same time (there is only a difference of 38 on the serial numbers). Along with the ram issues I was trying to run a 5700xt before the drivers were stable and just couldn't get it stable. Long story longer, I ordered a kit of 5 asia horse argb fans with their own controller to upgrade the aesthetics of my pc in my new setup, with that being the only change in my configuration I noticed things were taking a lot longer to happen than normal (video renders were twice as slow, I had to wait on photo exports that used to be instantaneous). I ran cinebench r20 as a sanity check noting my original score with this config was similar to an 1950x Threadripper and now it's slower than the 3600 that's in my son's rig. I've done stress tests, cranked the fans to 100% thinking that maybe they weren't pushing enough air to cool my radiator but my cpu was peaking at 88c so that didn't appear to be the issue. I've broken everything down and ran the stock amd cooler, a different set or ram, an rx 570, a single boot drive and nothing will give me back my performance. Is there anyone out there that could offer a suggestion for what I could do to get back to stock performance?