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  1. Hi all, Purchased a Dell desktop (would build but for business so need an easy warranty) to use for capturing video to livestream and record. I need a x8 slot for the capture card I am using (Blackmagic DeckLink Quad HDMI), and the board only has one x16 slot (gen 3 I think) so my graphics card (AMD Ryzen Pro WX3100) i have had to put in a x4 slot. Will this have a noticeable impact on performance? Also, is a graphics card even necessary for my workload? Will be running 3 full hd PTZ cameras and one PC in all over HDMI. Planning to use Wirecast studio as the solution to stream it all. pc spec is: i7 8700 16gb DDR4 2666mhz 256gb m.2 ssd Radeon Pro WX 3100 Blackmagic DeckLink Quad HDMI capture card (x8) Would really appreciate any tips! Thanks all!