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    Tech, specifically hardware
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    I’m a 9th grade student who since received its fist laptop 15 December 2018, got really into tech and learned a lot since, yet I have still much to learn. Please be kind, cause if I try to make a revenge I’ll probably do harm more by accident than on purpose. If no one noticed English is my second language.
  • Occupation
    9th grade student


  • CPU
    T7500 2.20 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Proprietary from Sony
  • RAM
    2GB 5300s 557 MHz ddr2
  • GPU
    NVIDIA 8400m GS
  • Case
    It’s a laptop, a VGN-SZ61WN/C, so...
  • Storage
    Seagte Momentus 5400 PSD, ST91608220AS, hybrid hard disk
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    HD monitor laptop
  • Mouse
    Hp x1200
  • Operating System
    Windows 7, Vista,

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  1. So, since I’m like Linus, I dropped my old netbook and half of the monitor died. Is it possible to force the OS to ignore the dead pixels?(I tried to reduce resolution, but it reajustes to the monitor size )
  2. Help, the reddit app for iPhone is not working, I wait and it just shows a blank screen. I installed and uninstalled again and again, and it’s always the same. Rebooted the phone, etc, but it doesn’t work. And the site works... Anyone could help?
  3. I just wanted to make the start menu look like Windows start menu and didn’t know what to search
  4. It's stupid, but I forgot the name of the thing that i tried to signal
  5. I extracted the theme to the said place, but Debian only allows me to change the colour scheme. Tried different places, rebooted, but nothing. What do I do
  6. I’m a noob but not ( at least not completely ) stupid
  7. And checked the options in appearance and desktop
  8. So I extracted as a root to the said directories the files, and nothing (yeah I rebooted)
  9. Just for the sake of experience i want to make xfce look like windows 10. I found themes (the boomrang one aperentely is the best) but it shows a zip file, without any executable. How do I install it?
  10. It wasn’t me who was originally asking, but is it possible (and how) to make it look like exactly like Windows 10
  11. The installer doesn’t allow by no motive
  12. But it doesn’t allow me to access the bios unless I do a reboot, which is not possible in the troubleshooting that I’m doing