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  1. I tried it countless times but it doesnt work,I'll try doing it with a driver booster though
  2. Question is what and how do I fix this issue, so I can use my beats on my computer.
  3. So I try and connect my powerbeats pro to my computer and its doesnt work wont connect and I cant remove device and installing from device manager doesnt work. (I tried 3 different bluetooth USB, also my ps4 controller connects to my computer the second I turn it on) when I troubleshoot bluetooth its says radio status was the problem and it says fixed but it still doesnt work. Everytime you troubleshoot it "it fixes radio status" my powerbeats connect to my phone with no effort. I'm using the x570 asus prime mb
  4. Couldnt find it unless im looking in the wrong places
  5. How do I get rid of the two black bars while using console, xbox and switch.
  6. In task manager the cpu usage around 20 percent, gpu usage around 20 percent, memory usage 99 percent...
  7. My cpu is the 3900x and my graphics card is 2070 super is 16 gb of 3600 bottlenecking?
  8. If it is at right speed then my ram might be bottlenecking badly
  9. I dont think my ram is running at 3600 how do I check?
  10. no bc of one reason.. its probably not gonna work and they WILL make it take effort plus i had its since mid August and was just waiting for my pc parts and now that im able to OC it i find out so now its too late.
  11. i have it at a 100 hz and i wanna know if i can overclock it bc my pc can handle this like lightwork.