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  1. Kryppan

    TV supporting Dolby Atoms and gaming console.

    Okay, I understand, ty.
  2. Kryppan

    TV supporting Dolby Atoms and gaming console.

    Ahh I see, so with the right speakers, headphones etc the TV would bring me the benefits of Atmos I guess. So apparentely the Xbox One X supports Dolby Atmos. But because my TV now also supports Atmos I would not gain any benefits of the Xbox One X having support for Atmos aswell right? For example, if I got the Xbox One X with my TV that supports Dolby atmos it would not make the sound better just because they both supports it or they wouldnt benefit eachothers? All I am thinking now is that it all depends on which one I use to channel my sound through. Even If I didnt get Xbox One X and gets the PS4 Pro instead, I could still benefit as much from Dolby Atmos through my TV?
  3. Kryppan

    TV supporting Dolby Atoms and gaming console.

    You most likely knows alot more then I do on this topic, dolby atmos is completely new ground for me. I only know some of the benefits and what small stuff I've heard from the market. Thank you for helping me tho, I appreciate the effort.
  4. Kryppan

    TV supporting Dolby Atoms and gaming console.

    Oh yeah sorry, I mean Atmos ofc. The TV is an LG 55SK8100PLA. Never heard about the dolby atmos ARC, they just mention dolby atmos as included.
  5. Too keep things short; I bougth an LG TV that includes Dolby Atmos and next thing I will do is to buy a gaming console and I am atm comparing PS4 Pro and Xbox one X with eachother. My questions on this topic however is as follows: - Xbox One X supports Dolby Atmos as far as I know, but is that only if you have a TV that includes Dolby atoms? - Will my TV enable Dolby Atmos while gaming regardless if I am playing on PS4 Pro or Xbox One X? (in that case does the Dobly Atoms feature that Xbox have really matter in my case? Keeping in mind that my TV already includes Dolby Atmos) Tv I got is: LG 55'' SK8100PLA I hope these questions make sense and that I might find the answear I seek.
  6. I will try and look into it in more depth before comitting to any purchase aswell as comparing to the new apartment and living room, because obviously the room itself will be a deciding factor in the end. Ty for the tips and information.
  7. Great answear! I really appreciate it. Everything you wrote is pretty much the same as I am thinking atm, it do feel like 4k and HDR and all that is big words for marketing but in reality the difference is not that much and I probably wont be able to tell a big difference when I am gaming. Also, thanks for mentioning the sound, I didnt know the things you brought up and sound is important for me to able to complete the experience. Right know I am looking into the difference between normal LED, QLED and OLED. Im trying to see if there is really a point in getting a QLED or OLED over a normal 4k LED (the price difference in my country is pretty big, normal 4k LED is way cheaper at around 500-700$ while OLED and QLED is around 1200-2000+$) But yes, I will most likely get a console and keep my PC on the side. It seems like the best option.
  8. It sure is an option I will consider, and I can see why a ps4 would be great in my situation compared to the other options.
  9. The thing is people have proved that 4k gaming is a reality with that budget, if you are okay with frames at around 30 - 60 fps which I am. And ofcourse depending on what true 4k really is, but thats up for debate. And as I've pointed out before, the 4k TV will be split between me and my girlfriend so I will pay 50% of the total price. And we will get a 50-55 inch 4k TV so the total price tag wont be that much for a TV.
  10. Well that sounds really interesting, I will do some more research on that matter before I make a decision.
  11. If its enough to only upgrade my GPU and PSU (obviously my current 500W wont be enough) then I will really consider getting a high-end GPU . But only if that would be enough, because how good would a rtx 2080 or 2080ti work with my CPU etc. and other older parts?
  12. Yes the fact that ps4 got all of those exclusives is great and also support for VR. They are the reasons I would consider PS4. But compared to the Xbox One X performance wise (with best graphic and resolution in mind, capable of both the consoles, native 4k or not) the Xbox got better performance and resolution. Atleast if you check the results from 4-5 comparing videos. However the PC option for TV gaming and 4k, for my specific goal, is a viable option and one that I consider alot instead of getting the Xbox One X. And as I have pointed out earlier. I dont mind playing on 30 FPS, if that in return would give me a native 4k or close to 4k resolution for the budget I have set. Nintendo Switch could be intresting, but its not really my cup of tea.
  13. Yeah thats the solution I am leaning most towards and its nice to hear your experience on this because you already have that setup. And the fact that the Xbox One X also include a 4k bluyray option is great for the overall TV entertainment.
  14. Yeah ofcourse, this is a very broad subject and question. Very specific and opinion-based solution aswell. It all comes down to what I prefer at the end of the day and what I feel like investing my time and money in. There is more then just gaming to consider aswell, but on this specific thread I focus on the gaming experience. But as of right now I am a very casual gamer that enjoy pretty much everthing. But to be more specific, I aim to play racing games, open world games, games that support local co-op/splitscreen and things like DOOM, wolfenstein on a 4k TV. And then use my computer for more competative games where I feel performance and 144 hz etc is more important then the visuals. But ofcourse I could get all that in one PC, and thats why I started this thread because I see two solutions; get a console for the TV and keep my current PC (with perhaps smaller upgrades) or upgrade my PC enough so that it can do everything and not get a console. But thats only for me to decide, but everything shared here helps me with that, because tbh I know not much about upgrading a PC and its performance. But I also do not know much about console experience. All opinions shared here do help me with my decision, so thank you for your humblest of opinions.
  15. Yeah I have seen that and it really brings up reasons that makes me lean more towards upgrading my PC. But there is also more things to my situation that would make me lean more towards console. But that video sure sheds more light on this whole thing.