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  1. This actually helped me a lot. Can you tell me what SW you used to find it and detect it so I can be sure we are doing the same? Thanks!
  2. We had an issue with malware yesterday afternoon. It was fixed quickly, but apparently Google is just now noticing the issues from they day before. Sorry about the headache. As far as we can tell, it's been cleaned and we have sealed the inlet for it.
  3. That seems like as logical an explanation as any, but so far, I haven't gotten any feedback from ASUS or AMD to be sure.
  4. I lurk everywhere. I really think THIS is the biggest question as Nineshadow commented on: "err... it's not a freesync defect. It's a poor monitor implementation" The truth is we DO NOT KNOW for sure either way. And if it is poor implementation, does AMD bear responsibility for certifying it, etc.?
  5. First, I LOVE being questions as biased then actually have the issue we reported on all called a "defect." Really brings everything home for me. Secondly, the issue ASUS appears to have is that the scalar they implemented for an IPS display can only support that 35-90 Hz range. Other scalars might have been able to hit other ranges, but no current FreeSync enabled scalar can hit 350/40-144 Hz on IPS. Why? I honestly don't know why. But I know that's the case now.
  6. Well, as the author of this review, I feel compelled to comment. First, calling me a "fanboy" is pretty dumb, usually when that occurs I can generally assume that person is in fact, the "fanboy" themselves. Second, I focused attention on the ACTUAL BEHAVIOR outside the VRR window and then THEORIZED why the differences were there. Also note that the LG 34UM67 monitor's minimum VRR frame rate is 48, more than 50% higher than the 30 FPS you claim in your comment, Sammael. Also note that we suggested ways for AMD to fix the issues and I hope they do. The competition needs to be intense for G-Sync displays to actually fall in price.