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    MSI z370i Pro gaming Carbon AC
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    DDR4 G.SKILL 3000mhz
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    GTX 980 Windforce
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    Metallic Gear Neo Mini
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    750w CoolerMaster
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    144h BenQ
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    NZXT Kraken M22

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  1. Just checked my mox and nothing inside which seems obvious, only had 1 3 pin cable. Ill have a look around again. Thank you
  2. Hey all. Problem: RGB Colors Mobo: MSI z370i gaming pro carbon Program: MSI Mystic Light (Latest) So currently this is what is happening. My mobo lights are blue, my ram is blue, and my LED strip which i connected to the 3rd RGB wire from the case is also blue. However for some reason the front panel IO is Yellow. Im using MSI mystic light to change the colors. The Front panel RGB wire is connected to mobo pins calls JRGB1 and when i change the color of that to red for example it goes to red (The fron IO Panel), however the RGB strip which is connected to the front IO panel goes a different color. When i make the front IO go blue it goes to yellow or a different color. When i make it green, it goes to green.... It hates the color blue hahah All the colors are matching however the front IO refuses to go blue or white regardless what color i insert. How is this possible? The RGB strip is connected to the SAME 4 pins in the mobo???
  3. Hey all, So this CPU turbos to 4.9 with ease. However i wanted a nice round number and get 5 Ghz. Can i simply just change the ration from 4.9 to 5 and call it a day? Leaving voltage on auto? Thanks
  4. yeah i have it on that white mode but still changes rapidly. So strange they didnt add an option to have a static color... thanks for the effort
  5. hey everyone so i bought this https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/rgb-accessories/argb-led-small-controller/ my mobo does not have the ARGB pins so i had to use this. I have a question does anyone have this device and cant set a static color? I just want white thats all. It has the option to display white but in this epileptic color mode which looks bad. Any tips?
  6. Thank you. So if i want to change voltage. What is a good base to start for just 50 to 51ghz?
  7. Hey everyone. So i have the i7 9700k which runs at 4.9 Ghz. I wanted to know can i simply just change the multiplier to 50 for all cores and leave the voltage to auto plus everything else.
  8. yeah. Im thinking of getting something more hefty as soon as i cant hit 60FPS on games on high settings.
  9. Was thinking that. Do u think this is a good help https://www.msi.com/blog/intel-9th-cpu-overclocking-5ghz-with-z390-motherboards Kinda new to oc
  10. Was thinking to just OC to 5ghz. But yeah 980 is decent enough tbh.
  11. Hey guys. So im thinking of overclocking my CPU. Just to start off would it be worth it ? I can run games at ultra/high settings with my GTX 980 around 60 to 100fps - 1440p 144. However I like the idea of making my PC faster in a way. Currently when stress testing my CPU reaches 4.9ghz at 1.302 to 1.310v at 93% usage. I watched some videos of people having to put their CPUs over 1.35 just to get to 4.9 ??? My idle temps are 32c and load temps are 60 to 70 depending on load. Using the m22 krakern for cooling. I have an msi Mobo. Also I had a question regarding voltage. If I set my v at 3.2/3.35. Will it always be running at this voltage even if the cpu isn't on load ? I believe I had this when I previously oc my 7700k.
  12. Would u be able to provide a link or a name to one?
  13. hi mobo: MSI z370i gaming pro carbon AC This mobo only has 2* 4pin RGB pins. I bought some cooler master fans which i didnt notice only have 3 pins (ARGB) and the one of the holes is blocked with plastic. So no way to insert it into 4pin. Is there a connector that i can use to connect the 3 pins to the 4 pins?