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  1. Less bloat more customizable there's a Linux-based OS for just about anything if you want to do any sort of crazy project with light hardware (e.g. Pi or beagle) you're probably gonna use it Having a package manager is a huge convenience
  2. If you don't mind customizing, I'd say Kubuntu, though full disclosure, I quite like KDE. I've heard good things about Manjaro or Pop! OS, haven't used them though. I strongly disagree, and I think this mindset is holding Linux-based OSes back, most people just want to get on their computer and be productive and the remembering a bunch of CLI commands seems archaic to them.
  3. Hello, if you look at my post history, I had a bit of an issue with my computer having its thirst quenched to put it mildly. Anyway, in diagnosing the problem, I am interested in finding my laptop motherboard's schematic so I can do some diagnosis. It's an ASUS 60NB0B30-MB1310, and I haven't seemed to have any luck finding it. Anyone know of it or have any tips on how to go about finding it?
  4. I'm a bit frustrated, so I'll keep this short, I spilled water on my laptop earlier and before I could react the screen shut off and the fan slowly came to a halt, anyway, the powered on light was still on so I hard shutdown (ni removeable battery) more water than I thought spilled because it seemed to be everywhere and I've removed the keyboard and the PCB is pretty wet but other parts like the optical drive are dry. Any ideas of how to correct this? I've had this laptop for quite some time and I'd hate for it not to be usable so soon.
  5. My sister has recently requested help looking for a budget laptop, she uses a Macbook pro (I think) primarily but she doesn't want to spend too much on it considering she's going to be going to take it to work, she mostly does a bit of web browsing, video streaming, MS Office and basic people stuff like that. She set her budget on $200 but I think I can convince her to go up to $300 or hopefully more since a $200 laptop sounds like a terrible time for everyone. She'll probably want Windows, which I haven't used in years, and I was considering telling her to get a Chromebook but I don't think there's MS Office on that. Any suggestions would be more that welcome.
  6. Are you saying you want to move a whole heap of files from you PC to an Android phone? By links broken, do you mean shortcuts aren't working? I'm not entirely sure I understand.
  7. Yes, it is very bad, and it's very sluggish, but that's what one would expect from Twitter. It looks like it's from that period of time when tablets were just getting popular and web designers would try to make everything converge really badly? Anyway, as an almost-aside, Twitter is rubbish, it's designed in a way that encourages and rewards negativity, so I don't really mind UI changes like this pushing me further away.
  8. Not to be rude, but what do you mean you deleted BASH?
  9. I switched to Ubuntu maybe about 7 years ago. Then I got a new computer in 2016, and was too lazy to install it again until I finally gave in four months later. So it really depends on when I start counting.
  10. You could create server hosting for projects that need to use an external server for a short amount of time, i.e. small render farms, testing out websites. Things like that. You could also try selling coke on wall street, and using having a repair business to attribute the money you make from sales to. It doesn't even have to be regular coke, it could be Desani or Sprite, really any beverage would do. It's all up to your imagination. If I had such a quick simple idea that would be a good business, I'd implement it myself.
  11. They must have fixed its issues, when I used it it kept on messing up tab icons and had a few graphical issues, glad to see it's inproved.
  12. I tried Brave om Desktop about a year ago and it was glitchy, not sure if that's the case (and this was on my parents windows computer if that made a difference); I do use it on Android and it works quite well though.
  13. You should know some Assembly and, to make things easier, another higher level language, C is pretty much standard practice; if you're interested in making an operating system but using the Linux kernel instead of starting from scratch, you could consider using LFS or using an existing distribution. In my opinion, however, I'd recommend you learn a lot more about computer science. If you're asking what it takes to create an operating system, you're going to be wasting time just learning about stuff wereas it would be more interesting to learn other topics and expand into that direction. EDIT: I somehow hadn't seen that the post above had pretty much the same advice.