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  1. By the way, I started focusing on this idea ever since I saw the LG WN95C, which seems like it's just the veritable 38GL950 only with ambient light sensing and no advertized 175hz overclock.
  2. Anyone get ambient light sensing working on a Windows PC? I don't find much online about this and to me it's pretty surprising. I know I'm more sensitive than most - I buy exclusively OLED phones for this reason. Now that I'm looking to upgrade my monitor I'm wondering if it's worth giving up on my shortlist (LG 34GN850 for instance) and looking instead at a monitor with ambient light sensing built-in. I'm working from home and gaming on this thing so I spend an embarrassing amount of time in front of it. Secondary question - anybody sensitive to excessive brightness in darker rooms have experiences with VA and IPS? I move around in front of my screen a lot so I really appreciate the wide viewing angles. BLB hasn't been too bothersome to me on my LG 34UM67-p, either, but I understand it's one of the better IPS monitors in that regard. Not sure modern IPS monitors are better, but I can't imagine they've regressed.