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    I only play CnC General
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    I only play Assasin's creed IV
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    I stop playing HS

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    PC stuff, especially cheap stuff cause everything is overprice except for graphics card
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    Know computer before school and spend time with it more than real friends. Party? nah, guild is more important.
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    College Student


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    Ryzen3 1200
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    Asrock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac
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    Apacer panther 8gb ddr4/2400, 2666+ is costly here for no reason
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    Galax GTX 1050 OC but i kinda want rx 560..
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    Coolermaster Elite 110
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    M.2 WD Blue 240GB
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    SilverStone Strider Essential Gold 550W, but i kinda want a better one
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    AOC I2367F
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    Stock cooler
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    Steelseries 6GV2
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    Redragon Centrophorus
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    Tt esport Level10M Headset
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    Windows10 and Linux Mint

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  1. It was on sale, but I didn't realize it can't use PCI-E gen4 if I'm using anything lower than Ryzen gen 3 To make matter worse this thing doesn't support gen1 and Athlon cpu so I can't slot in cheap CPU before dicide to upgrade later Also, I haven't notice the price drop of B450 in my country. Didn't think the price would remain AFTER the sale season(B450 boards) I still get this cheap but definitely not cheaper than some decent B450 board.
  2. Is there a benefit of getting Ryzen 3600 over 2600? Cause 3600 is a bit overprice here
  3. It's quite old anyway and there's something I want to improve CPU: Inter Core i7 2600k Motherboard: Kinda forgot it's from Gigabyte tho RAM: two stick of 4GB HyperXFury Single channel DDR3 1600 GPU: MSI RX 570 Armor OC 8GB PSU: Leadex Gold 750w < I already replace this cause old one lived longger than warranty Here's some of my concern 1.My brother occationally do video+photo editting. it still works fine, maybe because he never complain 2.It have some stutter when I play Monster Hunter World I don't know why it happen. It works perfectly fine when I play it on my Ryzen3 1200+ Gtx 1050 So I want to replace CPU(and motherboard of course).
  4. I still need a GPU that fits into my case I do have 570 but it won't fit into my case so I don't have to upgrade the ram right? 3000 mhz ram is twice the price of 2400 with same capacity either it's 8 or 16GB
  5. I already build this and i'd like recommendation on upgrade path Actually I didn't plan on the budget but for all of this build is just under 500$ (no used part) in my country <-Aim of this build -> 1 .Small cases so it's goin to be itx-form factor 2. Decent gaming performance just low-medium 1080p is okay for me 3. Heavy task on compressing/decompressing file since i have a lot of data to manage in my house Part list CPU Ryzen 3 1200 <- if I bought the 2200G I shouldn't have waste money on GPU... Motherboard Asrock Fatal1ty gaming itx/ac Ram Apacer Panther 8GB 2400 bus <- 2666 ram is more expensive by noticable margin 20$ more GPU Galax GTX 1050 2GB OC <- I should've buy the used card cause it'll save me half of this thing's cost PSU Silverstone Strider Essential 550w 80+ Gold Case Coolermaster Elite 110 Storage WD Blue M.2 250GB What I plan to do -Grab a ryzen 7 on sale (After ryzen 3 are out and i doubt that this mobo will support it), presumably used one -possibly another single channel 2400 ram, cause 16GB is better right? -Adding two 1 TB 2.5 inch HDD 5400 rpm, cause it's lying around -Replace this PSU with Superflower 750 watt leadex gold (used), for modular cable -Swap GPU out for rx560 for all amd build gtx 1050 is going to be use on another project This is my first time build ever aside from my home PC since I mostly got it second hand (like I only had to replace GPU and PSU) PS. I already made a post about this the other day but I'm total newbie so I post it under CPU+motherboard+ram section PS2. I'm using price in my country (Thailand) as reference, so feel free to ask for the price reference online shoping here isn't that good
  6. I think i've bought it around 2200THB which translate to 69.22 USD or 61.38 Euro I guess Anyway just knowing that it's not complete junk (or literally bomb) satisfy me
  7. Well, I guess I can keep using it in my itx build for now I'm saving up for my new and possibly modular power supply with decent quality this time. Even it's costly(in my country) When i'm ready i'll ask for advice again thank you everyone!
  8. Is it like noisy fan? I can go away with that cause I mostly will play under Air-condition on, cause it's so hot in here Sure It's GTX 950, my bad. gosh that remind me that i used to have 9500 GT before
  9. Not sure how to, but i'll try And Corsair PSU here is overpriced like extra 20 USD more in US No, it's standard atx and isn't modular also it has more connector than i want
  10. I accidentally bought one of StriderEssential 80+gold with 5 years warranty, idk if it's good or bad untill I check out the PSU tier list.... So, should I replace it with my family conputer's PSU, which is Cougar SFX 550 80+? it's already out of warranty. Quick note- It has 2600k(Not overclocked) + Cooler master fan cooling with some I can't remember ATX Gigabyte board with MSI GTX 9500 also it has problem when I swap it with rx 480 so I kinda want to replace it.
  11. What is Tier D (just don't buy...) PSU? Is it that bad that won't last a year or two?
  12. Just in case some thing goes wrong and you want to check if it's the graphic cards problem. Especially when buying second-handed motherboard and it doesn't even have video output (I've seen one). Or the owner just disable it in bios which happen recently. Wouldn't it save you a lot of time?
  13. You mean better power efficiency right? Unfortunately, no we can't get around with them because every thing that they imported everything saving for non-memory related (like HDD SSD RAM FlashDrive etc.) So almost every component have warranty by them. The things you can do by also have warranty from the shop you bought it from (this won't apply with second-handed tho) Many company here have bad customer service, they're like hiring some random people to do the job they don't even know about performance difference between them like, it's same 8GB model and newer gen! it should be better!.... Think back about that I was pretty mad too but I guess getting a working GPU back still worth more than the money that can barely buy 1050 (in my country) Oh, and that said company is in my country ONLY
  14. Last year my old rx480 card goes dead thankfully it is still in warranty but the warranty company said there are no replacement and they gives me 2 options 1) Get the money refund = warrant left or 2) Get another replacement card which is, MSI rx570 8GB OC I pick the second choice since first choice (since money refund can't even buy 1050ti at that time) The company claim that 570 is slightly better than 480.. is this statement true?
  15. Thank you for all your replies I also agree that the price of 1700 is really too high I totally forgot the Ryzen 5 line up and you know what? It's just like what they did to ryzen 7 cheapest ryzen 5, 1400 is at 128 USD 1600 = 2400g which is 156 USD 1600x = 2600 which is 187 USD and 2600 sitting at the whooping 234 USD Looks like If I'm not going on the low-end-ish side I should go for High-end huh?