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    cpu temps read cooler with a higher cpu

    yea the 100% temp on the 920 was 89.c and so far the 100% on the 990x is 63 lol im blown away! has to be the thermal paste!! and possibly the mounting pressure! as i did give it a extra turn this time! im a ~noob~ so i'm just getting into this stuff thanks to ltt's channel lol im shooting for a stable 4.8ghz fingers crossed ill also post some screen shot if i get it there stable! if i can post pictures here...even though its a "older pc" its actually pretty awesome the base machine is a alien-ware aurora 2nd gen won it on ebay for $220 us the stock gpu was crap so i replaced it with 2 radeon armor rx 580's 8 gb thinking i could run them in amd;s version of sli not sure if i was thinking correctly lol but w/e in total ive spent roughly $400 Canadian with a 27" Samsung curve so i think ive done pretty dang good for a lo-cost gaming rig mind you the 990x cost me 200 Canadian on top of that $400 im sure i might have been able to get a "upto date" rig for that price BUT i doubt i would have had as much fun doing it side note why is the 990x still ?250-375 on ebay unless you get lucky on a bid? where as the 920 ( i know its kinda poopy) only worth 25-40 bucks on a good day lol i was thinking id be able to make a few bucks! but yea..complete noob haha
  2. hello all, quick question for all you brainiacs lol..i had a core i9 920 (yea im behind lol) which was oc'd from the stock 2.66ghz or what ever to a smoking 4.37ghz stable and running smooth. it would idle around 55.c-60.c lol with a brand new aio which was w/e it ran perfectly and never gave issues..i finally got my greasy hands on a (again im behind but was/is super pumped about this purchase) core i7 990k oc'd to 4.67ghz....this cpu has 2 more cores and "4 more" threads than the 920 but yet its idling at 33.c the cpu core voltage is roughly the same 1,3-1,43v ish besides the cpu the only other thing i did was use different thermal compund due to me removing the 920...is the thermal compund that bad from factory (on the aio) the aio is a gamer storm captain 120 rgb....or is the cpu just that much better at running cooler? or maybe the person who owned this 990x delided it and soldered the ihs? ...i thought intel was soldering these iss's during the first gen i7's?..someone shed some light on this as i'm completely baffled. for refrence the 920 ran at 83-86 full tilt and the 990x runs at 45-55 ish..why so so much cooler? could it be the stock aio ther\mal paste is garbage to the point of being that bad?
  3. mitchy-poo

    dual-tripple channel ram questions

    awesome thank you! i reseated the ram and cup read triple channel correctly must not have had one seated perfectly...thank's for the response! ;)
  4. mitchy-poo

    dual-tripple channel ram questions

    in total its 24 gigs of ram
  5. ok so i have a alienware aurora desk top computer with tripple channel memory (6 ram slots) i finally bought all the same exact brand and speed of ram (kingston hyperx blu) before i installed this ram cpuid said i had tripple channel memory all slots were populated but with 3 different brands of ram....now cpuid says i have dual channel ram...all six slots populated with same exact hyperx blu 1600mhz ram...what gives?