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  1. I swapped out my wifi adapater and when i turned off my computer and flicked the back switch off i pressed the power button to make sure all the powers out. Make it completely dead of power, which is what ive done for years with no issue. Just to note, right before this, unrelated to the wifi card my boot ssd wasnt recongnised as boot priority#1 for some reason. So when id boot itd say i need to plug in a media device or whatever, which i fixed. Its not related but i thought i may aswell mention it, just in case. And now after with everything seemingly fine, it wont even turn on! I've done the whole change the socket its plugged in and what not, changed the ac cable. Its not that. I tryed clearing cmos for whatever that would do when its completely unresponsive in the first place. I even got another powersupply and hooked it up to power it on. Nothing! This is tremendously annoying as ive got a hard lined custom loop thats been running perfectly for 2 months now. My specs Cpu: ryzen 3700x Motherboard: gigabyte x470 aurous ultra gaming Gpu: rtx 2080 Ram: 2x8 corsair vengence pro rgb 3000mhz Ssd: samsung evo 250gb boot Ssd: 2x samsung qvo 1tb Hhd: seagate 1tb Any help would be appreciated!!
  2. I was hoping no one said that Thanks for your reply
  3. SPECS: CPU: i5 2400 MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte ga-h61-ds2 RAM: 2x8gb ddr3 GPU: Gtx 970 SSD: Crucial mx300 275gb and a silicon power A55 256gb Recently i built a cheap computer out of parts i had lying around, I've had nothing but problems with it. When i had first booted it all seemed well everything shown up in the bios (No gpu, or drives at this time). then i put it in the case and properly built it and when i tried installing windows off a usb stick that i know works because i used it a day before on a computer. Although when i tried booting to the usb it stays on a black screen with ONLY a blue windows logo in the middle. Nothing happens from this point onwards. I then tried taking it out of the case and only put in what was necessary and took out one ram stick and tried again, it did the same thing. Although in between my tries it will boot loop 1-3 times before actually booting or just have a infinite cycle of boot loops OR not even power on what so ever. Until i disconnect all power for a while. The gpu which i know works also doesnt have display out from hdmi or dvi when plugged into the h61 syestem, so i just use the onboard vga. I then thought to download windows on the crucial drive on a known working system and windows booted and it worked fine on that computer, so i then took the drive and tried to boot from it on the h61 syestem and the only thing that comes up is preparing automatic repair and nothing happens from then onwards. I have also updated the bios, swapped ram sticks multiple times, cleared cmos and completely built and rebuilt the computer multiple times. Please help! i have no more ideas and i have no idea what to do! Thank you so much -Jack
  4. The tv that i linked is 4k and does have optical out. So yes i would definitely want to be able to stream 4k to my tv. Otherwise i don't know how to hook it all up. And id rather not spend that much money on a new amp when i could use the one i already have. So what cables do i need to buy or any adapters or what? And if i buy all these adapters and cables and what not will it still work with the fire stick 4k? Thats my question this entire time, thank you very much for your reply. Im just very new to this sorta stuff.
  5. Thank you so much for your reply, Is something like this what your talking about? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HGHNCMW/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B01HGHNCMW&pd_rd_w=iX5cq&pf_rd_p=80559f3c-f83b-49c1-8a72-40f936e9df7a&pd_rd_wg=WNOa0&pf_rd_r=F70ZRY7YV1G03QE1FZ5Q&pd_rd_r=b47bc1c6-5371-11e9-8a77-f188713467c0 So would i just need to connect my receiver to that then toslink to the tv? and would that work when playing stuff like netflix and what not from my fire stick 4K? If not that what do i need to buy? Thanks!
  6. So i have a Jamo 5.1 surround system hooked up to my sony sdr de515 amp. Its quite old so no HDMI or anything like that only RCA out. At the moment i just have a rca left and right to aux into my laptop and stream 4k stuff through there on my https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-50-4k-hdr-led-tv-series-8-ju8100/ but i really want to get something like a fire stick 4k (Since i already have a few echo dots in the house) because of the remote and convenience. Although how can i hook up the 5.1 speakers to the fire TV stick? Or is there a better option to stream 4k Netflix and what not to my TV while being able to connect my speakers? Any help is appreciated thanks!