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  1. i'm searching for a good looking atx case with good airflow, tempered glass, mesh front panel, no need for many expansions slots (i have one ssd + 1hdd)i don't use any optical units , non-rgb stuff for around 50'ish euros any suggestions are fine i was looking at Cougar Turret Mesh , any opinions on it?
  2. hmm i tried really low frequncies with this tool.. nothing works man what causes this shit. i don't want freaking fireworks on my screen
  3. tried it mate. same thing and it's not the psu, test it with 2 psu's now i'd try to underclock the memory below 1750 but it seems it's not possible
  4. lol they are kinda low 40C idle considering where i live temperature are around 32C and in load around 60-65C
  5. shit lol,tried lowering memory frequency to 1750 same thing reflashed bios as well, same
  6. i have tried now and switch to an corsair rm650x , gpu is rx 480 sapphire nitro+ . same issue i get lots of thin lines appearing and dissapearing fast from all angles while in game
  7. is is possible that not enough power provided to a gpu be the source to visual artifacts? for example using an 1x6 pin connector instead of an 1x8 pin one
  8. Is it safe/indicate to flash the stock refference rx 480 bios to this card so it would be the non factory OC version? (1266mhz)
  9. Amient temps arond 29-32C sometimes even hotter,it's pretty warm here now. I just spread the paste around the cpu die,instead of putting just one point in the center and let the cooler spread it,thought that may affect it too? and the cooler stays at around 700rpm it doesn't go higher in normal tasks. in gaming it goes to 900, 1000rpm max
  10. so i got a fera 3 cooler . it fit in my current case just fine. but feel like i didn't instal it right. i get around 40-45 C in idle and 60-65C in games which is ok i guess but those idle temps are kinda high
  11. no vrm sensor,that's lame is asus doing this on purpose?
  12. https://imge.to/i/bOneT and what's cpu (PECI) sensor referring to?
  13. i'm talking about the port where you connect the hd audio(front panel mic and headphones) from the case to the mobo port. there is only one blue audio port on the mobo