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  1. then what's the point of testing the ram at 2666mhz on that particular b460m mortar board when it can do 2933mhz? also the whole point of the video was the i3 performance on that particular board
  2. i'm just curious how did he tested the i3-10100 at 3200mhz DDR4 on a msi b460m mortar when the board maximum supports 2933mhz.and no ram OC options supported by the board from what the official specs states. he also had it tested at 2666mhz.
  3. dunno if i should trust taiphoon on this one, as it reports samsung b-die and some reports say that's false and it's actually a samsung c-die. anyways perhaps this ram kit is more optimized for intel CPU's , also read alot of complaints about vengeance lpx not playing well with ryzen cpu's.
  4. no DOCP option just XMP profile 1 . i run latest bios. tried changed timing but no post.
  5. i've disabled xmp and no errors anymore in occt and prime95 now the question is, faulty ram kit not running as advised, or 3200g/mobo can't handle the ram xmp preset settings eventho it works partially in games
  6. i'll try other software as well. ram is working in dual channel as mobo has only 2 ram slots. aloso i'm curious what acutally caused the bluescreen
  7. it's a new corsair vengeance lpx 3600mhz cl18 2x8 running with a ryzen 3200g on a gigabyte b450m s2h gigabyte board xmp is enabled on preset and working at advertised values tried removing battery and restoring bios default. then enabling xmp again still getting these errors. is this a faulty ram kit? with windows memory diagnosing software got no errors. started investigating with memtest after a bluescreen
  8. no,i've watched the voltages in load in hwinfo after setting 1.3 with ryzen master,it stays pretty close to 1.3V. cpu is just shitty for OC. or perhaps the one day i've used it with core perfromanced boost and 1.5v+ k.o 'my cpu. it sucks that VRM allows me to OC it but voltage required is too high
  9. i can't . i've tried to manually oc with ryzen master 1.3v 3.7ghz and it just crashed after 5 seconds in prime95(this must be the shiities 3200g ever). i don't wanna go higher. funny the 3200g works without problem with 3600mhz ram sticks with the xmp preset
  10. i just disabled it. i'm fine with 3.6ghz on all cores. mb i have a shitty cpu which needs 1.5V to get 3.8ghz on all cores with pbo and the mobo blindly pumps 1.5V in it . stock BIOS settings btw.
  11. disabling ''core performance boost'' fixed it,it seemed like it caused a significant voltage increase . i get now in stress tests 1.27V with 1.28V max spikes. that's a huge voltage drop from 1.50V. now the CPU boost to max 3.6ghz on all cores(previous was 3.8ghz on all cores) but it's fine i guess. probably will try some manual OC once i get familiar with AMD , coming from intel in the las 15years
  12. nevermind in bios. the voltage reported is 1.416V .oscilating between 1.39-1.41V, in windows hwinfo shows 0.9V at idle
  13. how is checking voltages in bios of help? voltage is low in bios and in idle hwinfo and ryzen master reports under 1V as well. the problem is the load voltage it's scary high. coming from an intel and asus mobo, i still have to dig a little to try manual voltage to 1.25 see how it behaves
  14. used cinebench r20. short burst. anyway too high. does pbo has something to do with this?