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  1. 6 minutes ago, Enderman said:

    You could spend a bit more money to get a third 8TB drive and do raid 5, so if one drive fails you won't lose any data and you can rebuild the array.




    Get rid of those 1TB drives and sell them on craigslist or something for a bit of extra money.

    this sounds like a good solution, however, im not familiar with raid. I did a quick search and found this https://pureinfotech.com/setup-raid-5-windows-10/ would this be how I should do it? do I need specific drives, or will regular drives work, as im not sharing files on the network, or leaving my pc running 24/7, and will I lose all the data due to formatting when I do it?


  2. 2 minutes ago, Enderman said:

    Yeah I would replace the small drives with one large one.


    Is it really sensitive data that you can't afford to lose?

    If it's just movies and stuff that can be redownloaded I wouldn't worry about it, hard drives last many years.


    You can use tools like crystaldiskinfo to check the smart data and see when one is starting to have problems that could indicate imminent failure.

    It's very rare for them to just outright die with no warning.

    While it wouldnt be the end of the world if i lost it, it would be a nightmare to re rip everything.

  3. 39 minutes ago, Enderman said:

    Motherboards have 4-8 sata 3 ports so you have plenty of room to add a few more drives.

    8-12TB drives aren't that expensive so I would just do that.

    I have no more space inside the case, only 3 trays, though theres no reason i couldnt replace one of the two 1tb drives i have. What about redundency?

  4. 33 minutes ago, TrigrH said:

    If its just for storing movies. you could get a HDD caddy, number every drive and once its full catalog whats on it in a file on your PC and only plug it in externally when you need it?

    Like a hard drive dock kind of thing? If thats what u mean i thought about that shortly after posting, but 3.5 inch drives are too big for me to physically store them and 2.5 inch drives are more expensive, but ill see what i can do.

  5. I have an 8tb seagate baracuda at the moment as my main storage drive, its very new so im not concerned about failure anytime soon (fingerd crossed), though it doesnt have any redundency.


    My need is simply more storage, and i thought of a nas, but they seem very expensive, and building one also seems too expensive for my use case as well.


    I have about 1.6tb free on that drive, i would like to double total capacity to 16tb, with redundency as well. All i need is more space, i dont need to access my files while out and about. Its mainly movie and tv shows ripped from bluray at full quality, no reencoding. I just move the stuff i want to watch or what i may want to watch to a 2tb external hdd i have connected directly to my tv.


    Nas drives seem quite a bit more expensive, and i dont want to spend a whole load more money on the convenience of not needing to shuffle files around if i want to watch them, 2tb is plenty for many movies and even full series taking 100s of gb, so it itsnt a massive inconvenience, nor is not being able to stream them on the go. If i want to watch it on my phone, i simply reencode with handbrake using nvenc, so its super snappy.


    What would u recommend?

  6. 5 minutes ago, Xaring said:

    First, please, space out your text in paragraphs! It makes reading your post so much easier!

    Second, I doubt very much that said consoles max out a PCI-E Gen 4 bandwith. It just doesn't work that way. The maximum theoretical speed for an x4 link on gen 3 is 4 GB/s and there are no drives on the market that do that (you get up to 3.7GB/s or so).


    Third, you shouldn't worry about your drives being quick enough for games... There's only up to a certain performance you can gain. If you look at current technology, the difference in loading times between an SSD and a HDD is extremely evident, but once you start comparing different SSDs between each other, you find out that the higher speeds are not used at all.

    Made up numbers here: Loading in a game can take 2 minutes in a HDD. That goes down to 35s on a Sata SSD, then that goes down to 25s on a NMVE(Gen3) SSD, which goes down to 20s on a NVME(Gen4). The are diminishing returns, as the bottleneck starts happening elsewhere.

    In any case, you can always treat yourself in the future with a nice, new SSD if you feel like there really is a need, but you already have a 970 Evo Plus, which is a really nice drive, so i'll say you're set for a couple of years for sure.

    But with the consoles having ssds, wont that cause game devs to optimize games for them? Causing huge gains in load times?

  7. The next generation of consoles, the ps5 and project scarlett are going to have ssds that are much faster than todays drives, probably pcie gen 4 and potentionally maxing out the x4 bandwith, which i believe sits around the 8 gigabytes a second range. Pcie 4 ssds now are around 5. Will current ssds still be relevant for PCs as it relates to gaming when these consoles are released at the end of 2020? What kind of performance difference will there be? Im probably not going to upgrade my pc as it stands, and build a new one early to mid 2021, but i may salvage some stuff from my current one, namely the ssds, i have a 500gb samsung 970 evo plus, and a 1tb samsung 860 evo. Will these still be sufficient at that point in time? I may buy another new one as a boot drive at that point anyway, but im just wondering. I have plenty of time to think about it. 

  8. What settings should i use in geforce experience and davinci resolve to retain quality after uploading to youtube? Should i set gfe to record at 2160p 130mbits to have the highest quality source material before youtube compresses it? If i play at 1440p will recording at this resolution cause problems? Is recording in 1080p 50mbits and rendering at 4k a better option? Or just leaving it at 1440p?

  9. At first, I had no idea what I wanted to buy between these 2 cards. When amd dropped the prices i was set on the 5700 xt (wanted to wait for aib cards though) but now I'm not too sure. The 2070 super is quite a bit more expensive than the reference model 5700 xt. The cheapest i can find is a zotac gaming twin fan for £489 and the reference 5700 xt is £389. How much more expensive will the customs navi cards be, and given the heat problems of the reference model, what kind of performance bump. From what i know, the 5700 xt is only 2-5% behind the 2070S on average, so im assuming a decent performance jump would make it the better option hands down. I have a few ray tracing games, like sottr and metro exodus, though i havent got around to playing them yet, and im looking forward to cyber punk. Which do u think i should get? My monitor is 1440p 144hz, but i would like to play more single player games on my tv with a controller, which is 1080p, so maintaining 60fps with raytracing shouldnt be a problem if i go for the nvidia card. Also, while i can order the 2070s right now from amazon, it wont arrive for some time, the zotac one says it will be in stock on the 17th of august, and most of the others say they be dispatched in 1-3 months, so im kind of forced to wait either way. What do u think i should do? Is ray tracing worth it for upcoming games? I have 1060 3gb atm.

  10. Im planning in buying a 5700xt when the AIB models are released, but have no plans in upgrading my cpu (R5 2600). Im not the kind of person who plays on 1080p lowest settings for the sake of dem frames, so i think that will help me here. If im playing 1440p max settings, will it be worth upgrading my cpu? I was planning on waiting til 4th gen ryzen is releases before upgrading or even until the 5th gen that leaves AM4 behind. If the performance benefits are decent though (in the realm of 10% or so), then i may consider an upgrade for my cpu as well. I have 16gb of 3200mhz CL16 ram as i know ryzen likes fast ram.

  11. Another question that i didnt want to open a new thread for. What about b550 and 'big navi'? I'm willing to wait a little bit before i make a purchase and was wondering if these would be worth it. If i choose to wait for 4th gen ryzen, i think im safe in assuming a b550 would be better than a b450 for those cpus. And im willing to pay more for a gpu than what the 5700xt costs, maybe up to £600 if the price/performance doesnt take that big of a hit. When do you think higher end gpus would be launched like a 5800xt or 5900xt? If at all.

  12. At the moment I have an idea about how I want to upgrade. I'm probably gonna buy a 5700XT to replace my 1060 3gb, a b450 tomahawk/gaming pro carbon to replace my a320, and 650w psu to replace my 450w one. But what i'm not too sure about is whether i should buy a 3rd gen ryzen cpu. I currently have a R5 2600, so I feel like will serve me at least until next generation. I believe AMD will release ryzen 4000 on the AM4 platform, at which point i would probably buy it. Do you think the b450 boards will support 4th gen? Or should i buy 3rd gen and wait until AMD is done with AM4. I'm not sure whether the 2600 will bottleneck a 5700XT but if the gains are significant with a 3600(X) or a 3700X for example i will probably consider it.

  13. Well I found the solution, it's to stop being such a moron, and start paying more attention to what i'm doing. The DIMMs weren't full seated and that's it. I heard the click and thought it was in but it was just the little clip thing. When I put my old ram in to check the bios, I heard a much louder click along side the smaller one from the catches. The new ram for whatever reason needed a fair bit more pressure. Thanks for your help anyway.

  14. Just now, Crunchy Dragon said:

    It's still fundamentally the same RAM though as far as I know...


    Is your BIOS up to date?

    I don't know, I don't know a whole lot about the details, only the basics of computers. I can't even get the bios with the new ram installed, I'll put the old one back in and see.

  15. 5 minutes ago, Crunchy Dragon said:

    Check your motherboard's QVL and see if G.Skill TridentZ is on there.


    Motherboards can be picky in different ways, but Asus boards will almost never post if the memory isn't on their QVL.

    No its not, i found F4-3200C16D-16GTZR, but mine is the same except a b instead of an r at the end.

  16. I bought new RAM, GSkill Trident Z 16gb (2x8) 3200mhz c16, but when I slotted it in, nothing happened. All the fans spin, the LEDs light up and the computer is on, but nothing shows up on my monitor. I tried both DP and HDMI and still nothing. Slotted my old ram in and everything came on just fine, so i'm assuming its the ram. I have a ryzen 5 2600 in an asus prime a320m-k (yes I know its shit, getting a new mobo soon). Could the motherboard be the problem? I heard the a320 chipset only supports ram up to 2666mhz, but I assumed it would just run the ram at 2666 instead of 3200 rather than not work at all?

  17. My current motherboard is an asus a320m-k which only has 2 dimm slots, so im planning on upgrading sometime soon. My current memory configuration is 8gb (2x4) at 2400mhz. Is it worth paying extra for a 16 gb kit of higher speed memory? Say 3000 or 3200, or should i buy another 8 gb kit of the same 2400mhz. Would the performance gains be worth spending a good bit more, almost double, or is it minor for the most part? My processor is a ryzen 5 2600.

  18. Does colour accuracy mean the colours look worse than an IPS? Or is accuracy only relevant for professionals and TN can still look great in games even if the colours aren't accurate? Will it still look vibrant and pleasing basically.

  19. Will a TN panel detract from my gaming experience with single player games? I would like to run them at max (or close to) settings to get the best experience. TN is so much cheaper than other panel types and I would rather spend more on my GPU. I would still like high refresh rate for online games though i'm not competitive, i would still like to perform well. I'm willing to turn a few settings down here and there for more fps online.  I don't do much else on my computer besides gaming. Also, i asked before about 1440p 144 vs 4k 60 and decided 4k isnt worth it, but is 1440p worth it? Is a ryzen 5 2600 capable of pushing enough frames at 1440p? I'm not planning on maximizing frame rates over quality in single player games such as GTA 5 but would still like higher than 60. Not too sure what graphics card I want to get, was thinking a 2060 or 2070 but will probably wait to see what navi is like before making the decision.