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  1. First off I understand there are many solutions to improve my internet speed but this is a specific case solution I'm after. I live in shared accommodation as the title suggests and my internet is included in the rent but my problem is that every time a tenant enters the building there is a noticeable drop in my broadband speed via WiFi. I am using a windows 10 tablet/netbook (ThinkPad 10) and was wondering if I could use my old smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) to create a separate WiFi connection and tether it via USB to my tablet/netbook and then combine the 2 connections with software (?) into a single connection that will prioritize more speed to my device than everyone else. My reasoning: I recently had my gaming PC stolen and have resorted to using my tablet/netbook with a Cloud solution Shadow. (Linus Tech Tips review here.) I can play the latest titles but it's not a good feeling when you're playing an online game and someone walks into the building creating a 1 minute lag spike and I'm just sitting there with the expression of dread on my face like getting the blue screen of death knowing my cloud PC is still active and my avatar is currently at the mercy of game physics until I reconnect. I'm in the UK where average broadband speed is ranked below 30th in the world and the best my broadband has been is 50mbps Down and 5mbps Up. The cloud solution isn't very pretty on my end but it is better than nothing. Shadow was located in the Logitech booth for E3 2019