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    South-Holland, The Netherlands
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    Gaming, pc stuff, Badminton
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    14 y/o boy from the Netherlands. Trying to game on this is hard.. Love to badmintonl
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    i3 2120 3.3 ghz
  • Motherboard
    Lenovo ih61m
  • RAM
    2x4gb ddr3
  • GPU
    AMD Radeon hd 8490 OEM
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    Lenovo thinkcentre m72e
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    250gb hdd, 1tb hdd 7200rpm
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    FSP unknown
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    Lenovo LS 1951 wide
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    Corsair k55
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    Logitech g502
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    Windows 10 Education

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  1. ThijsgamingNL

    Gigabyte rx 580 8g gaming overclocking

  2. Hi guys, I have an rx 580 8g from gigabyte and wanted to overclock it a bit to see what improvements I can get. But before I started, I checked a few forums to check that you don't void your warranty if you overclock your gpu. But still people were saying both yes and no. So in my case, I want to do a bit of overclocking with msi afterburner and follow a youtube video. I'm not going mess around with the bios or whatever. Could you guys tell me as clear as possible if I'm going to void my warranty by doing this or not?
  3. ThijsgamingNL

    My GPU load is hitting over 95% ?

    This is correct. It's normal that games ask full gpu performance. I have the same with my rx 580 8gb. Don't worry about it.
  4. ThijsgamingNL

    Can I control the rpm of my fans?

    My father made a switch between the molex connector and the fan connectors to break up the power if I click the switch. So I can trun my fans on and off now. I don't need a adapter or fan hub anymore. But thanks for the useful information. I definitely learned something from this thread.
  5. ThijsgamingNL

    Can I control the rpm of my fans?

    No not yet, couldn't find the time for it because I had school work to do. Hmm ok. I'll check if there are some other ones that to do the same job. Otherwise, they're only 8 or 9 euro's here. So it's not such a big deal.
  6. ThijsgamingNL

    Can I control the rpm of my fans?

    I asked someone on yt who posted a review of the cooler master rgb controller what the cheapest way to control the fan speed or make them spin less fast. He said that you can buy noctua's fan noise adapters. Is this maybe a better option? Because if he said it right about how it works, I think that is what I need. My fans don't need to spin that fast, because I tested with front fans off and my gpu hit 74 degrees and my cpu 48 degrees, which is pretty good.
  7. ThijsgamingNL

    Can I control the rpm of my fans?

    Yes, so if I understand it right, I can buy a 4-pin to 3-pin fan splitter, connect it to the fan header and connect my 4 fans to it. And then I can control the speed through software or something?
  8. ThijsgamingNL

    Can I control the rpm of my fans?

    But can you control the speed with a splitter from 4-pin to 3-pin?
  9. ThijsgamingNL

    Can I control the rpm of my fans?

    I've done some research and found this one: https://www.newegg.com/cooler-master-mfy-rcsn-nnudk-r1-black/p/N82E16811999379 But the hub has 4 pins and my connectors have 3 'holes'.
  10. ThijsgamingNL

    Can I control the rpm of my fans?

    Well, if you say so, I think it's not that bad then. It's not blowing like a vacuum cleaner or something. But it just annoys me when I'm studying. Can you link me a fan controller maybe?
  11. ThijsgamingNL

    Can I control the rpm of my fans?

    I have a new gaming pc with the cooler master mb520 rgb. It sits on my desk but it makes 'a lot of noise' when it's on. When I'm studying this is a bit annoying. The 3 front fans are connected to the power supply and are running full speed, I think. I looked up what fans they are and I think they are Masterfan Pro 120's. But those have a 4-pin connector and mine have a 3-pin. As far as I know, there's only 1 fan header on my motherboard (gigabyte a320m-h). Is there a way to control my fan speed?
  12. ThijsgamingNL

    Amd chipset drivers

    I fixed it. I just re-installed the rx 580 drivers and that was the right version, now everything is working fine. I don't know how to delete my post, so here u go xDD
  13. ThijsgamingNL

    Amd chipset drivers

    Hey, Yesterday, I got my new gaming pc ft ryzen 5 2400g and a gigabyte a320m-h mobo. I watched a video 'First 4 things to do after a ryzen build' on yt. He said that you had to update your chipset drivers on the amd website (select mobo). I downloaded the drivers, launched it, then choose to delete my previous drivers (19.5.1), restarted my computer, then relaunched it and installed the latest ones (19.10) and restarted it again. But now if I'm scrolling through a webpage, it buggs a lot while scrolling down. I think it has something to do with the drivers? If so, how do I re-install the 19.5.1 drivers? Thanks a lot. edit: I also found out that my gpu-z isn't showing anything anymore since the driver update edit 2: I also found out that when I started my fortnite it didn't start and said: 'DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine'. I'm a bit concerned now, just a bit.. Mabye @LukeSavenije can help me?
  14. ThijsgamingNL

    Motherboard for ryzen 5 2600

    I think that I'm going for the asrock b450m m-atx mobo. Is that ok? I like the looks of it, and it has the same price as a b450 tomahawk.