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  1. yes. and i have updated all my drivers
  2. i tried that, the issue is still here
  3. This problem started a few days ago and i have never had a problem beforehand. Whenever i hop into World of Warcraft my computer starts playing the usb disconnect/reconnect notification noise sporadically during a loading screen plays on and off until i quit the program. Every once in a while it gives me a notification that i had a usb malfunction and to reconnect the said usb, but i haven't added anything new to my peripherals or devices, then it stops and doesn't do it in any other program. I have updated all my drivers and have updated windows trying to resolve the issue. I have even unplugged everything from my usb ports and the problem still persists. Any help would be appreciated, as it has made playing one of my favorite games unplayable.
  4. My brother is in his junior year of college and the program he's enrolled in involves using a lot of programs like Solidworks, and his laptop with his i5 4210u and his 6gb of ram and intel integrated graphics is having trouble keeping up...he never plays any games on his laptop, so what would be the best option for him to upgrade for better performance?