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  1. Thanks all,. @Kilrah it might not be the absolute latest bios, but it is one from the last 12 months so supports the 2600 (and it did support the 2400g which doesn't work anymore). @TheDailyProcrastinator Did try the CMOS battery and yes, monitor was.plugged into GPU, though did try plugged into onboard as well when I put the 2400g back in. @BlueScope819 that's my suspicion as well, will have to get it fully out to have a close look, but if it is a damaged trace then I don't think there's anything I can do about it is there?
  2. I recently got myself a Ryzen 2600 to replace by 2400g, but after swapping them I can't get a post. All of components were untouched in the process and it was working perfectly before I started this. I have tried putting the 2400g back on and using both igpu and separate GPU through hdmi and dp, still no luck. Have done the usual steps of single stick of ram, only the m.2 boot drive connected, had the CMOS battery out for ~4 hours. All to no avail with either processor. U suspect I've s rewed the mobo as when I first tried to remove the old CPU the heatsink was pretty well stuck and I tried pulling it straight off so thought maybe that could have damaged the socket (but the CPU stayed put and is unscathed)? Also my screwdriver slipped whilst loosening the heatsink and hit the motherboard, but I don't think it hit any onboard components. Any help/suggestions would be greatly received. The build is: Ryzen 2400g/2600 Xfx rx580 GTS xxx 8GB 16gb balistix sport lt ram (2*8 matched pair) Asrock b450m-hdv motherboard Intel 760p 128GB m.2 drive Kolink 500w 80plus psu Wireless card + 1hdd + 1ssd
  3. Thanks @Mateyyy I hadn't seen the GN vid, I think I'll hang fire until the 3300x is properly available then...
  4. The 3600 is about £150, more than I can stretch to at the moment, but my mobo being a bottleneck was my main worry, I'm happyish to take the risk in core count...
  5. A local shop said they expected the cost to be just under £100 when they had availability, I've only seen preorders so far online at your price.
  6. I'm sure this has been discussed bit I can't find a good answer so I will ask it anyway. I currently have a Ryzen 2400g which I bought for a budget gaming rig, since then I have added a GPU (rx580) but am still running the asrock b450m-hdv mobo with 16GB of dual channel ram that I started with. I'm now wanting to upgrade the CPU as I don't need the built in graphics and it seems to be holding its value well on the second hand market. BUT, I don't know if I should go for a 2600 or get a 3300x. I know the 3300x is benchmarking better for gaming at 1080 (which is my main use case), but I don't know of that would be compromised by the rest of my config not being able to take advantage of the increased speed. The price for them both should be very similar (£80ish for the 2600, £95 for the 3300x) so it's purely performance that I'm interested in...
  7. Thanks, not quite what I was after though and have just given up and gone with stardock fences. I still think I prefer the way tago fences looks and works, but it looks like it's been out of support for many years so I took the easy option.
  8. Bear with me on this one as it's a bit of a niche problem I imagine. I have an awful lot of shortcuts on my desktop and to try and make it all cleaner and nicer without just having loads of folders I installed Tago Fences so I could set up containers with shortcuts to different categories of things (and have the same item in multiple containers), which I'm loving apart from one annoying thing. For proper shortcuts it is showing me the correct icon in the container, however, for internet shortcuts it shows a generic shortcut icon, this means all of the games that I have that use a launcher don't have an icon in the container but do on the desktop. It appears to be something to do with the way that Win 10 typecasts the shortcut object. So the question is: Does anyone know of a way to create a 'proper' shortcut out of a url? I know that I could go through my library and create shortcuts to the game's .exe but then you lose some of the added value that a launcher provides (e.g. steam controller mapping or online play) and some games don't seem to want to work at all without being launched via the launcher (RDR2 I'm looking in your direction). Any help or suggestions would be greatly received but I may just have to end up paying the money for stardock fences as I think that offers a bit more functionality (but I am tight so I'd probably just end up living with this).
  9. If I can make it look half decent I'll put some pictures up. Thanks for the help/confirmation...
  10. It's basically going to be used for gaming, but only what can be supported by the onboard graphics, it's also got 16gb of memory (dual 8gb ballistix sport at 2666mhz), an SSD, an HDD and an m.2 drive. The PSU will be thermally separated from the rest of the components... If I ever do add discrete graphics, then that would similarly be separated...
  11. If it would pull air in whilst being used as a cooler, still attached to the heatsink... I'm thinking of building my own case, probably only as thick as the cooler itself when mounted, or as close to as possible. I'm wanting to mount the whole thing on the underside of a desk whilst not impeding leg room so it will need to be as thin as possible, hence the idea of having the CPU cooler pull in air from the room...
  12. This may be a silly question, but, I'm thinking of building myself a VERY slimline case to mount on the underside of a desk and it made me wonder is there any reason why I couldn't use the fan on the wraith cooler like an additional intake (filtered obviously)? I was planning to have an in and an out at opposite ends of the case anyway but this would pull extra, room temp air in specifically for the CPU (Ryzen 2400g).
  13. Thanks for the response. Have given the procache free trial a go to see if it actually makes a noticeable difference for me, it seems safer (and more verifiable) than jumping onto storemi.
  14. I've just built a new B450 system with a 128GB Intel 760P as boot drive and a 2TB Barracuda for storage. When I was poking around the AMD tools I started reading about StoreMI and remembered I have an old, unused 60GB SSD (SATA 2) that I was going to put into my media server but didn't get around to. My usage will mainly be gaming and some light photo editing, SO, is it worth setting up StoreMI tiering the 60GB SSD and the 2TB HDD?