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  1. Udayan Kashyap

    Pc dosent boot up

    Its not available here in India. Out of stock on all websites. I already have a UPS. I even bought an additional voltage stabiliser a few months back. I will be shifting to another state for higher studies in under 10 days. Nd the new place has quite a lot of industries around it so there wont be power outages in that place.... And i will be using a voltage stabiliser so i will go for the cx550. Here in india prices are bit higher due to import duties nd availability of most products is scarce. Cx550 seems to be the best considering availability nd price. Anyways its gonna be a lot better than my crappy one Thanks
  2. Udayan Kashyap

    Pc dosent boot up

    Lol sorry for the bad typing. I tend to use shortcuts while on my phone. XD
  3. Udayan Kashyap

    Pc dosent boot up

    My earlier house had a bad wiring. But our wiring is now completely fine. We have longgg power outages and voltage keeps fluctuating heavily in summer months. Maybe that caused the psu to go bad. I have a very bad past with those shitty PSUs. 5-6 yeas ago such a psu blew up in my house. Luckily the breaker did pop. I better get a good psu this time. Is the Corsair CX550 a good choice ? I calculated the total power consumption to be 350w and the cx550 provides peak efficiency at this wattage. Should i go for it ? Thanks for the help
  4. Udayan Kashyap

    Pc dosent boot up

    Hi everyone, My pc is facing this very weird problem. So until 3 days ago. It was working just fine. I was gaming like usual. Nd then i shut it off after an hour of gaming. But when i tried switching it on the next day it wont boot up.. not even the bios screen comes up. So firstly i tried resetting the bios nd then afterwards it worked fine but after i shut it down nd then again switch it on, it dosent boot up. Then i removed the gpu nd reseated the ram nd removed the additional hdd, optical drives etc. The computer works just fine without the gpu.... Today i reseated the cpu, ram, gpu. Cleaned it nd reset the bios. But again it wont boot up. But if i press the reset button of my cabinet then it boots up some times nd if i shut it off the problem reappears. The cpu fan spins very fast nd then slows down to normal nd just keeps spinning. The mobo speaker dosent beep, keyboard led dosent light up, mouse led dosent light up, only power led lights up.. hdd led lights up once nd then goes off. I tried resetting the bios a dozen times nd it fixes the problem some times but after a full restart, the problem appears again..... But everything works fine with the gpu removed. I removed the gpu nd switched on the pc nd then checked the HWMonitor voltages. All voltages were below what it should be. 8v on the 12v rail, 3v on the 5v rail. Nd 2v on the 3.3v rail. Nd when it does power on after a dozen tries. The bios shows there is 12.4v on the 12v rail. P.S.- Even the mobo logo dosent show up. Just the cpu fan keeps spinning. My system Mobo - Gigabyte h61m-s (rev1.0) Ram - 1x8gb hyperx fury Gpu - Msi gtx 750ti Cpu - Core i3 3240 (3.4ghz) Hdd - seagate barracuda 1tb Psu - zebronics 450w crappy psu. (Those shitty ones without any rating.. cost me just $10) Someone please helpppp mee!!! Thanks in advance.