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    Wellington, New Zealand
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    Korean MMO art styles and Video game story lines....
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    i7 5820k
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    Gigabyte X99M-Gaming 5
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    16GB ddr4 2133
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    Enthoo Evolv mATX Tempered Glass
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    Samsung 950 500GB ssd, 2tb WD green
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    Razer soundbar/Sennheiser HD280 pro
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    Windows 10
  1. Thanks for the heads up, Ill definitely give that a check
  2. Hey there guys, I have an original xbox collecting dust and would like to set it up. Does anyone have suggestions for good quality Third Party controllers and a cable or adapter to go to hdmi?
  3. Typescript (so javascript), its so close to a perfect language for me.
  4. I think they are too busy knee jerking. I dont like the title, and I think you will find it gets changed to "simulated" rather than "tested" or something to that effect. This test worked great to compare intel chips so I was wondering when they'd do this, and its not a bad video either. also what @Arcanekitten said
  5. I havent had a chance to test it for real but I did make f***updates.bat which finds and stops the update service if anyone wants the script wmic service where "caption like 'windows update'" call StopService you need to run it as admin to get it working
  6. I cant load any imaged that are <img>'d into the forum so to speak.. but anyway counterclicky
  7. cant tell it was that far through updates, it is asking be to install now though
  8. it seems you can't stop windows 10 from updating, but I cant even choose when to update? seriously microsoft!? There is nothing in task scheduler and there are no options. I am on windows 10 home but that isnt something that should have been skipped...
  9. dont know why but that might be the extra step in the solution for most people; worked for me
  10. jetbuster

    f# Help

    EDIT: I have some answers for you all me Hey there, I have recently started to use F# having looked at scala for a bit. I love the idea of functional languages simply because of their length compared with your C#'s and the like. I haven't really got to understanding the full depth of them yet though. I am a graduate C#/java programmer so this isn't my first programming rodeo but it is my first functional one I like to play with this stuff on my days off and I decided to try port some Monogame tests i've done to F# but that might not have been the most logical progression of complexity. I have put comments on the things I don't understand or need help with but ill try make a list of them here too (This stuff is mostly ported from working C# code bar the stack type which is why it is a little bit screwy) The code is at this link instead of using the forums because with syntax highlighting it's nicer http://www.fssnip.net/rS 1. How do I get a 'T out of a unit -> 'T? A. You use () at the end, if its a unit->'T->'T then you use ()() 2. How could I rewrite this to dodge the ordering in F# (right now I can't use the reference to the GameStateManager in State because it is above it and I can't move it below cause GameStateManager uses state even more) A. Removed the dependency on the gamestate manager from the State, the handling of state switching logic is now up to the gamestatemanager, but I am having trouble writing the match for the pseudo code I have. 3. Is there anything painful here that I am doing wrong A. Most likley
  11. my main problem with things like unity right there :L all the edge case bugs, check to see if the tool you are using is compatible with the web client, It might be drawn off screen or something else too
  12. man you need a score board so we can boast about how long we lasted
  13. I get the whole stream of conscious thing, I do it too, but its really hard to understand your dilemma in the OP My solution has always been to listen to port 81 for xammp In httpd.conf (note that it's file extension is conf) Listen 81 which should replace a very similar line in httpd.conf I've never had do delete anything like http.sys why did you do that? Also what wolfsinner said.