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  1. Ah thank you very much, will the roku still be able to stream?
  2. Aw I assumed they were mainly used for blocking ads etc. How do I go about configuring it so blocks all requests? is there any tutorial you could send me would be appreciated
  3. Netflix recommend 5mbps for a Full HD stream. and Im sure other streaming services dont use that much more.
  4. When using a Roku TV Stick my parents like to use this to turn their tv into a smart tv, It has no ethernet port so It can only be connected over wireless. When My parents come in from work and use the device no matter what app they may be on, my ping on Counter Strike Global Offensive spikes up to around 150ms and then quickly back down to about 40 every 5 seconds or so which causes me to slide around the map. I have troubleshooted this issue so many times, had an engineer to the house to test the line, they say no issues there. I can watch videos and streams on twitch while the roku is on and it doesnt buffer, but when I am pinging google or trying to play any sort of game or even talk in discord I lag. I have tried all sorts of ways to fix this issue, I bought a dedicated Network card with a gigabit Ethernet port for my PC that didnt change anything other than lowering the ping slightly to google when the roku isnt being used. I have also setup a QoS on a third party router using FTP and UDP ports for CSGO and still no luck putting that to Highest priority and also putting my PC mac addresss and port to highest priority hasnt changed anything either, I even used the mac address of the roku stick and set that to low priority. And also I have gone into the roku stick and limited the bandwith to 5Mbps and still no luck. Currently I live in an area in which I get "fibre" speeds. as its FTTT (to the cabinet) and copper for around 700m from my house. Which gives me speeds of 25 Mbps download and around 6 Mbps up. which should be more than enough to watch netflix and game at a reasonable ping dont you think? My point to all this is there anything anyone can suggest to me to try and fix this issue? *edit I have diagnosed it to be defiantly the roku stick by playing anything on the roku stick while pinging google and then turning it off and then seeing what the ping is like after this. I would also like to note that I am using a wired connection I have a 25m Cable running through my house to my PC and I have pinged the router/ default gateway and I get >1ms without fail.