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  1. Ritam

    Suggest a motherboard

    Please specify the model no.
  2. Which motherboard will work for i5 3rd gen non k, processor. I have RX 580 graphics card.
  3. Ritam

    cheap PSU

    will cheap PSU do any harm to our system?
  4. Ritam

    Help me out

    Yes. 2 games
  5. Ritam

    Help me out

    Thanks bro. In india, gtx 1060 is 195$ Rx 580 is 210$
  6. Ritam

    Help me out

    My system is i5 3d gen. With 12gb ddr3 ram.suggest which gpu will work best with my system. Rx 580 4gb Gtx 1060 3gb
  7. Ritam

    Suggest which is better

    Yes. I got it
  8. Ritam


  9. Ritam

    Suggest which is better

    Exactly dont remember the model.But it is a non 'K' based processor. Frequency 3.1GHz with turboboost
  10. Ritam


    I exactly dont remember.But it is not the unlocked one. Non ' K' processor. Base frequently 3.1 Ghz with turbo boost
  11. Ritam

    Suggest which is better

    Are you sure i7 3rd gen will help me? People were telling me to switch to at least 7th gen. If i7 3rd gen works then that will definitely save lots of money.
  12. Ritam


    Gtx 730.old pc
  13. Ritam


    I have intel i5 3ed gen
  14. Ritam

    Suggest which is better

    In India, RX 570 AND RX 580 4GB variant have very narrow price gap. So should i opt for RX 580 4GB .Only 10$ gap
  15. Ritam


    My monitor has 60hz refresh rate. Also have i5 3rd gen processor.now if i buy powerful gpu which pushes the fps beyond 60-70, then will i be able to feel the extra fps. If not then recommend me to choose between the two GPU RX 580 GTX 1660 Pc has i5 3rd gen cpu. Which gpu give more value for performance in my system?