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  1. Semjon

    980ti in a budget build

    Im trying to make use of the tierlist but almost all budget options offer more power than i need. Are there any specific recommendations?
  2. Semjon

    980ti in a budget build

    To be honest, i just need something that will run my system and is not going to cost a lot. I also know absolutely nothing about PSUs, so yeah, any help will be really appreciated.
  3. Semjon

    980ti in a budget build

    Im thinking something like Thermaltake TR s 550w or Rosewill arc 550
  4. Semjon

    980ti in a budget build

    I didn't really decide on a specific one yet
  5. Hi! Im planning to build a bang for the buck system and i have an opportunity to get 980ti for cheap. The question is, will 500w PSU be enough for it? That's considering im taking something like ryzen 1600x as a CPU and don't use more than 1hdd + 1ssd. Please help