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  1. Hello, I have run into a problem when helping my friend build is PC, we got everything up and running okay but the problem is that the M.2 SSD is showing up as a removable storage I have tried numerous things to try to fix it (updating bios update, installing drivers, and reformatting the M.2) but to no avail. I heard there is something I could do in the Command Prompt but people said it was risky. I guess what I am asking is for is any and all solution with instructions on how to do so, even ones I said I tried cause who knows maybe I did it wrong. also if someone knows about the Command Prompt fix could you also tell me why it is considered dangerous? I know you can do a lot of damage in the Command Prompt but what is the specific danger in this scenario? Windows 10 64 bit, ADATA 500gb XPG SX8200 pro ssd, X470 gaming plus motherboard, ryzen 7 2700x, MSI RTX 2070 Armor, EVGA G3 80+ Gold 650 watt powersupply. I do knot know the BIO Version off the top of my head and can't check at the moment