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  1. ShomikIsHere

    Need Advices.

    Thanks a lot boys!
  2. ShomikIsHere

    Need Advices.

    $321 USD
  3. ShomikIsHere

    Need Advices.

    so I guess, i'll just go for the processor
  4. ShomikIsHere

    Need Advices.

    Well, will it have problem with bottlenecking?
  5. ShomikIsHere

    Need Advices.

    I'm currently planning to buy a new processor, but I need advice, weather should I buy a new processor or should i just upgrade my spec , since my PC isin't that powerful I have a GTX 1050ti 4GB , i3 6100, 8GB ddr5, msi h110m. Should I upgrade my processor, or should I just upgrade the other components for future gaming, because I'm not planning to change my GPU since i've recently changed my GPU.