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  1. @RollinLower Thanks a lot
  2. @LukeLinusFanFic If that so, maybe connect a Reservoir will fix the Problem. but damn, Reservoir is almost half the Price of the whole AIO already.
  3. Exactly. thats what happens in all AIO I think, maybe. that happens even in a Original water of the AIO. experienced in Corsair AIO 120L (forgot the Fullname), and ID Cooling Frostflow 240L. if it will happen again, maybe not bad, since that is how it designed to be.
  4. @LukeLinusFanFic well, if u replace old Tube or Cut off the part of the Original hose that is attached to terminals, and a bit cleaning maybe u'll be fine. saw many in Youtube whats a phrase, reviving old computer, btw.
  5. @RollinLower I already experimented that one. I used the car coolant w/ no distilled water mix put in a cup, and I soak a part of my tubing in it. maybe a 2 week from now, and that tube dont have any kind of chemical reaction ATM. Guess what, I used leveling Hose. so maybe, it will be better than plain Distilled
  6. can I use printer ink for coloring water loop? wonder if it will change the color of glass tubings and clear hoses and also maybe the insides of Block, Pump, Reservoir, and Radiator. And if does color the insides, it will be OK or more like no problem at all ? (besides of, that will be ur permanent color) I am using only AIO Liquid Cooler w/ a clear hoses and an automotive coolant. thats why I can't choose properly a color for my cooler. While in Printer Inks, u can choose wide colors by using only Printer Inks I am in a Tight Budget, so I can't afford to experiment much. so does anyone tried it ?