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  1. I'll start from the beginning, so I got this PC from a friend for 200 dollars, it worked well and ran games low to medium at 30 fps, not great. He later gave me a 1060 for 100 more dollars. It then ran games on high at 50 ish fps. Fast forward a few months he offered me the old case he put a bunch of plexiglass in and RGB fans a water cooler system a B350 mobo, a 2400G and a few extra things for 200$ WHAT A STEAL! (Used). I had to buy the ram which was the trident z 3000mhz ram 2x 8gb and it didn't work, we returned the ram and got the corsair elegance counterpart. It worked and ran... For an hour. By the time I saw issues he had went home for the day, and he is a computer genius. He has done them as a hobby since 2000. I am 13 an know a pretty decent amount, but not an incredible amount. The computer said it ran into issues and would restart several times. I then shut it off, managed cables and such came back and after 35 minutes of idle or simple web pages, it did the same. I downloaded some temp monitors and they were at 70 cause I let it rest after reaching behind the water cooler mount, touching the CPU side, and nearly burning my finger off! The thing was leaking a slight amount of thermal paste and was really hot. Anyway back to after I discovered the temperature issue. I downloaded some drivers and was starting my graphics driver and it crashed again. I felt it and it was again REALLY hot. I decided to turn it on only for a few seconds for temperatures, and it was at 95 Celsius. The water cooling might not be working right, so do you guys know what's wrong. Also is 95 for about 5 minutes horrible?