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  1. Thanks peeps! I did as suggested and I suppose the clue should have been in the name. One stick runs clean and the other is filled with faults, the system is now running smoothly with half the ram and I'll send the other half in for the warranty replacement! Cheers again!
  2. Hi LTT crew, Long time listener, first time caller. I've been told I should totally join hundreds of times and I finally did. Recently bought a new rig and have encountered issues. I believe I have figured out what is wrong and in theory it should be covered by warranty but I need a quick fix to get me through the next week before I have time to travel the 4 hour round trip to the store to get it properly sorted. A quick run through of what I have done and ruled out: Drivers - gfx, motherboard and bios etc all checked/updated. Windows update - all clear chkdsk - run and all clear GSmartControl - also no issues MemTest86 - OH MY GOD SO MANY ERRORS Load hasn't been a trigger either, I can be running almost nothing and crash (Windows 10 sadface is this the new BSOD?) or in the middle of Rocket League and crash. My setup: (All 6 weeks old) CPU: Intel i5-8400 2.8GHz (6 core) RAM: PC4-23900 DDR4 XMP 2998MHz (TEAMG I think is the brand) PSU: 650 Watt gigabyte GFX: msi GTX 1060 Running windows 10 basic *edit: I should add nothing is overclocked* The windows 10 sadfaces I have gotten have been different almost every time. I'll attach images I took from MemTest86 but basically it never got off CPU: 0 and aborted due to too many errors. Is this the CPU core or is it the memory? My hunch is that it's somehow an individual CPU core, which is why I can sometimes get stable use out of the computer, but eventually it will fall over. I note that I can disable the number of cores I can use in msconfig but not specific cores - just limit it to 4 or 2 or whatever. I've never used MemTest86 before so perhaps I'm completely wrong here? Please do tell! Looking forward to being schooled. P.S. Can I donate the CPU to LTT if someone's keen to try and fix it with glue?