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  1. I have a backup, and I'm shopping for an SSD right now.
  2. Does having any of those at all indicate that my drive is bad, or is there some amount of those that my drive is allowed to have?
  3. My computer crashed and now I can't boot my operating systems. GRUB is having trouble reading some kernels, and other kernels can't find my rootfs. Reinstalling grub and the affected kernels does not help. SMART data looked normal except for the following: Bad sectors: 11 (up from 2 the last time I checked) Sectors pending reallocation: 6 (up from 0) Uncorrectable errors: 23 (up from 0) Emergency head retracts: about 30000000 (up from about 25000000) Dell's preboot diagnostics gave me 2000-0142 (hard drive error) and 2000-0146 (hard drive error) (thanks for the helpful messages, Dell). However, I can still read the data on the drive if I boot a recovery environment from a USB flash drive, and the drive sounds normal, which makes me think its still good. So is my drive dying or not?
  4. The reason why I didn't try the Dell forums is because they always seemed to recommend replacing hardware without an explanation for why, but I guess I'll try them.
  5. I believe the system was running on battery power for about half an hour, and I immediately plugged it back in afterwards. I never left the battery sitting alone. The last time I checked, the BIOS reported the battery health as normal. Linux also reports the battery health as normal. Should I reboot and see what my BIOS says, or should we go with this?
  6. I have a Dell Precision M4500, and I recently used it on battery power for a bit. After I plugged it in again, the battery light flashed yellow 4 times and blue once, then repeated. This went on for a few minutes, and the battery did not charge. The battery still ran the system and re-inserting the adapter and battery did not fix it. After a few minutes, the flash code stopped and the battery charged normally. The battery was and still is perfectly functional. The service manual for my system does not appear to describe this flash code (the closest match it has is alternating amber with steady blue), and the Dell forums and knowledgebase only seem to talk about other systems that do not appear to be closely related. I remember this happening a few months ago too, but I think it might have been 2 yellow flashes instead of 4 last time. What does this mean, and is it a serious problem or something that I can just ignore?