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  1. I have downloaded and ran seatools on the problem drive, religiously around 50-70% (can never get the exact number) when running the long generic test it crashes. So this is a file issue, no programs are usually running of that drive so I don't think to reinstall the 5-6 programs will do anything but I extensively scanned with Avast and Malwarebytes and only got reports on files I always have (dll injectors and other tools that ive had for several years). Does anyone have any ideas on how to track down what would be causing it without purging all my files on the drive?
  2. Not tested per say as I don't have a tester, however, I did upgrade from a Corsair CX600M to CX850M so I could (after this issue is fixed) add a slight overclock to take advantage of the power of the cooler and cpu. If it was in a security state wouldn't it not alow the fans lights etc to still run? Edit: Ive never heard of such a security state either, im sure something exists but i would think it would act more like a thermal fuse if that was the case.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have this weird issue with my PC that I believe to have diagnosed down to a faulty hard drive but still, have the issue after cloning the data to a new drive. My current setup consists of an Asus B350 Gaming F-Type with a Ryzen 1700x Cooled with an H110i V2 with an Asus ROG GTX 1080 Strix and G.Skill TridentZ 8GB*2 3200Mhz Ram Finally with a Corsair CX850M PSU. I'm not sure if the specs are important as I believe this has to do with storage but I figured I should include them. The Storage setup is as follows 256Gb Inland (Microcenter) M.2 NVMe SSD boot drive, Kingston HyperX 128GB SSD scratch disk, Seagate 2TB FireCuda for games etc and Seagate 2TB Barracuda for documents and additional programs. The problem I triangled to the Barracuda by running the system after unplugging it (thankfully it went away with the first drive). The issue I have is under light CPU load (web browsing VOIP calls etc) the computer will randomly crash with a black screen. I checked dump files and event viewer anyways several times but returned no evidence every time. The weird thing about it is it requires the power to unplugged or switched off at the PSU level before it will receive input from case buttons (Power/Reset). After crashing even a minute plus hold of the power button doesn't do anything although the reset button does weirdly seem to kill the RGB drivers for Razer Chroma X keyboard as the LEDs will stay frozen the same color they were at the time of the crash until the reset button is pressed but no cursor movement, however very rarely the PC restarts on its own. This suddenly happened after coming back from a weekend at a friends house in November 2018. Couldn't have been electrical damage though because I always unplug ethernet and turn off the power strip switch when I'm away for a while. Any Help Would be so greatly appreciated because this issue is getting really aggravating and I'm stumped. Thank You, Strixed PS: things I've tried/done in chasing this issue. Likely Affected:Replaced MOBO,CPU,Tested and swapped to known good ram,Swapped to known good GPU, replaced power supply (wanted more wattage anyways had a cx600) and swapped the 'problem drive' from a WD Blue to the barracuda, reinstalled SATA driver, chkdsk, sfc, defrag, sector scan, virus scan, registry repair (ccleaner) and new SATA cables. Unlikely affected: New keyboard, tried another mouse, leaving extra monitor and peripherals unplugged, bought new primary monitor, added Thermaltake TT aura sync fans controller and ROG RGB terminal, changed cases, used another houses mains power, Monitor arm mount XD. PSS:I'm especially disappointed with my self because I am very technical, I am in my last quarter of high school in an info tech program before I go to college to get a bachelors in network administration or cybersecurity some2ndnoun .