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  1. Hi everybody, I can not find this specific problem anywhere on the internet and I have tried many things to fix it and nothing has helped. So here is the problem: I recently upgraded to a new desktop that I built. I went from a 1060 6gb, Ryzen 5 1600, 16gb of RAM to a 2080TI, i7 9700k, 32GB of RAM and a better power supply to be able to power those components. Also obviously got a new MOBO. I could stream using OBS just fine on my old setup but once I upgraded I ran in to trouble. I try to stream now and my game runs like butter but the stream is so choppy and is unwatchable. Ive played with bitrate and resolution but I have 25Mbps of upload and 300 Mbps of download so that should not be an issue anyways. I also have two monitors that I just recently switched one to run on intel integrated graphics but still no luck. It is becoming very frustrating that I could stream on my old less powerful rig and I cant even attempt to stream now. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.