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  1. Well, "new". It was my cousins and he gave it to me yesterday cause he got a new one. No i can't plug it to my router.
  2. So I got to the first page of drop downs, but here's the thing: also, my model for the extender is: EX6100v2
  3. I'm going to be completely honest with you, I have no clue what a driver is or the NIC (and what that is). My extender is just a standard Netgear wall one. Also, I just got the pc and I know literally nothing
  4. So i got my new pc yesterday, yay; however, when I plug my ethernet cable into the extender next to my pc, it says it can't connect. It actually says I need to re-install a driver. Nothing seems to connect the was it should and when I switch my extender to be an access point, it disconnects and doesn't reconnect to the router. (The main white cable below is the ethernet cable in question m, connected to the extender)