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  1. Arooon

    Can I use my laptop’s SSHD in my PC?

    Okay thank you.
  2. Arooon

    Can I use my laptop’s SSHD in my PC?

    This sounds really promising! Thank you! This means I won’t have to delete wipe my SSHD and be able to return it to my laptop whenever then right? I have a few steam games on there, Overwatch on the blizzard launcher and some games downloaded directly to the drive. Also, would software like MSI afterburner, benchmarks and misc stuff like that also be able to be used on the new system? Thabk you
  3. Arooon

    Can I use my laptop’s SSHD in my PC?

    Okay thank youao much, that makes sense now! If I decide to use the drive in the laptop again would it just be the same process? Wipe drive and reinstall windows through the laptop? thanks
  4. Arooon

    Can I use my laptop’s SSHD in my PC?

    Okay thank you, it’s definitely going to be compatible then.
  5. Arooon

    Can I use my laptop’s SSHD in my PC?

    Excuse my lack of knowledge in this area but if I delete the partitions that come up in the windows install process would this only delete the previous windows installation and not the whole drive’s data ie games? Really what I was hoping I would be able to do now is plug in the SSD to the PC - install windows. Also plug in the laptop SSHD to play games. Then be able to reaplace the SSHD back into my laptop and still have that work but it looks like I’m going to have to wipe it to use it? Again thabks for this help! I really appreciate it.
  6. Arooon

    Can I use my laptop’s SSHD in my PC?

    Ah okay, so wiping the drive will be the best thing to do. Will I be able to use a SSD (I have a spare one somewhere) to install my windows on at boot and plug in my laptop’s drive to be able to access my games and data on it without wiping it? Or will the windows on there conflict with the windows newly installed on the SSD? Thabk you!
  7. Arooon

    Can I use my laptop’s SSHD in my PC?

    Thank you, is it just a case of 1.plug in drive (yes it’s SATA I forgot to say) 2.install windows again woth a usb stock using this drive? That should wipe windows and start again?
  8. Arooon

    Can I use my laptop’s SSHD in my PC?

    Is there anyway I can just delete windows from it and not everything? I would like to be able to keep my games and stuff on there and transfer them across, and possibly back to the laptop. And is it only windows I’d have to delete first? Thank you!
  9. Arooon

    Can I use my laptop’s SSHD in my PC?

    Yeah I think it’s just a normal SATA connector, it’s from a fairly new laptop.
  10. Hey everyone, I’m building a really cheap second hand gaming PC at the minute as a bit of a challenge to see the lowest price PC I can put together for very little money. I’m wondering if I can use the 1TB SSHD from my laptop for this PC so I don’t have to buy any more storage. I’m guessing I will have to do another windows 10 installation on it (unless windows 10 is on some hidden storage module on my laptop somewhere), but I’m not even sure if I can use this drive at all, let alone use it to install windows on again. Will drivers for components conflict with the ones already on this drive? Will I need to use another drive to install drivers and windows on, but be able to use this drive to still have all my games? Any help would be much appreciated thank you! Also I have been using a random GTX 960 2GB I had lying around on my laptop for this eGPU project I did not too long ago. So the laptop only has those drivers on it (I used DDU before installing them). Since I’m going to use that card again for this pc build should that reduce the risk of problems?
  11. Yeah I think that’s what I’m going to do, thanks for the help!
  12. I’ll take a look at some older AMD stuff and definitely think of alternatives though, thank you for your help. (For reference the cpu I’m looking at now is £20 lol).
  13. Ryzen chips are wayyy out of my price range - I have £150 ish left for a board, cpu, ram, cooler and case. I don’t think I’d be able to do that with a ryzen cpu costing £60 ish minimum second hand - for the lowest spec version.
  14. Hey everyone, Me and a few friends are trying to build really cheap but also decently performing gaming PCs as a competition - with the best performing PC winning. I’ve got a few parts (PSU, GTX 960 2GB, storage) and I think I’ve decided on a CPU after much research - the Xeon X3440 a LGA1156 socket CPU with 4 cores, 8 threads and decent OC ability as it’s a Xeon. Originally I was considering an Asus P7 H55-m motherboard as I’d heard it’s a decent mobo - it’s found cheap on eBay and can OC apparently. *However* I’ve also read some cannot OC - the bios does not allow it. And I’ve read some don’t OC very far at all. So I need help deciding on a decent but also cheap (£40 ish) OCable LGA1156 mobo. I’m not too familiar with older parts like this so any help would be much appreciated - maybe the Asus board is perfectly fine after all! Any information on OCing on this board or other boards that would be better will be really appreciated. Thanks! I’ve seen a couple of different variants of this board one with a ‘SI’ at the end - which is the one I heard doesn’t OC. And the others I can find have a ‘LX’ at the end, I don’t know if this means anything. Ive also heard the P55 chip set is better for overclocking than the H55 - maybe I’ll keep an eye out for a cheap GA P55 USB3.