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  1. It runs smooth with hard disk, 1650 ,i5
  2. Do bluestacks players on pc play with mobile players in free fire and pubg, i played on my tablet, sometimes they look like emulator players and they are OP
  3. Will increasing dedicated video memory for intel uhd630 help in fps? Laptop spec 8gen i5 4gb ×2
  4. Game shows available vram is 8 gb in settings
  5. Specs : i5 8 gen, 4gb ×2 Game runs at normal 720p 35 +fps, But stutter during driving and flying
  6. The The bug was epic not downloading gta5. Ok i try later
  7. You mean discord used for games? How to join for ltt
  8. Why these forums like reddit, etc don't have push to talk voice chat like whatsapp
  9. Yeah it has mic, like phone has. Gta5,lfd2
  10. I used my jbl e55bt. And players are saying voice not clear. When i speak it sounds clear in test
  11. For pc , app or chrome extension. For streaming videos. Also mobile vpns.
  12. I like lfd2. is this similar to that, its 70 percent on off. Or should i wait for dying light 2
  13. I currently connected pc with wifi with 1 ms ping and full speed. Will using ethernet give any improvement for gaming and browsing.
  14. I am a good shooter i win most deathmatches , advesary modes, sniper fights in gtao but getting killed in csgo easily
  15. Will it atleast connect with one?
  16. Does samsung ru7100 connect with 4 bluetooth headphone at same time? https://www.samsung.com/in/tvs/uhdtv-ru7100/UA43RU7100KXXL/
  17. Who doesnt like keybo mouse Is it worth to buy ps5 or a new pc? I buy for gta6 if they give keyboard mouse support.
  18. Why isnt keyboard mouse support not available for many ps4 games? I hope ps5 has this feature. Its funny that a simple feature is not available in 2020