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  1. For pc , app or chrome extension. For streaming videos. Also mobile vpns.
  2. I like lfd2. is this similar to that, its 70 percent on off. Or should i wait for dying light 2
  3. I currently connected pc with wifi with 1 ms ping and full speed. Will using ethernet give any improvement for gaming and browsing.
  4. I am a good shooter i win most deathmatches , advesary modes, sniper fights in gtao but getting killed in csgo easily
  5. Will it atleast connect with one?
  6. Does samsung ru7100 connect with 4 bluetooth headphone at same time? https://www.samsung.com/in/tvs/uhdtv-ru7100/UA43RU7100KXXL/
  7. Who doesnt like keybo mouse Is it worth to buy ps5 or a new pc? I buy for gta6 if they give keyboard mouse support.
  8. Why isnt keyboard mouse support not available for many ps4 games? I hope ps5 has this feature. Its funny that a simple feature is not available in 2020
  9. Are console makers paying game devs for selling consoles?
  10. yeah. i know a some freinds who repurchase gtao since they used modded money
  11. I like moders. Unltil they use mods to troll kill me