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  1. still failed wont let me write on it and I did reformat the usb
  2. Ok did that now trying to write on it again give me a min
  3. while the imageing process something failed and wont let me do it
  4. the test did noting . I think I did it right. I downloaded the file u gave me and put it on a usb and I botted it with that and It did nothing
  5. Do u mean GeForce Experience?
  6. cpu core #0= 32° Cpu core #1 = 32° Cpu core #2 = 32° Cpu core #3 = 32° Cpu core #4 = 32° Cpu core #5 = 33° Core #0 Distance 61° Core Max = 36°
  7. well for that I woud need to go play a game again and wait for it to crash because I didn't take a picture of it yet ..
  8. How do I check the cpu temps again? ..I have attached a report file if that's what u are looking for
  9. Hello my name is vid so recently I build my own pc and I have a small problem. So basicly the pc in desktop works perfectly but as soon as I play a game like rust it works fine for a bit at 100fps then it just slowly drops fps to 1 and goes back to normal but after a while the system blue screens and I have been trying to figure out why .. I tried blowing out the pc even do its new. Then I try lowering the cpu working rate to 65% and it still didn't do noting . so I completely have no idea what is wrong with it so I would love it if you could help me Pc Specs Windows 10 Mother Board: Tuf H310M-PLUS GAMING Ram- 8gb dd4 I think SSD -Kingston 250gb CPU- I5 8500 (64bit) graphics card- gtx 780 HardDrive- 1TB Ignore the Potato graphics card If anyone could help me that would be nice! Thanks (Report Files) HTML.html