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  1. ASUS X570 TUF/PRIME Fighting Guide ASUS X570 ROG STRIX Fighting Guide Source: El Chapuzas Informatico (link dead)
  2. ; TGL HW INTEL_DEV_9A49 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, Gen12 LP” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” INTEL_DEV_9A40 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, Gen12 LP” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” INTEL_DEV_9A59 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, Gen12 LP” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” INTEL_DEV_9A60 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, Gen12 LP” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” INTEL_DEV_9A68 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, Gen12 LP” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” INTEL_DEV_9A70 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, Gen12 LP” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” INTEL_DEV_9A78 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, Gen12 LP” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” INTEL_DEV_9A7F = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, Gen12 LP” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” ; DG1 HW iDG1LPDEV = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, Gen12 LP DG1” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” ; LKF-R HW INTEL_DEV_CAFE = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, LKF-R” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” ; ATS HW iATSHPDEV = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, Gen12 HP ATS” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” ; LKF HW INTEL_DEV_9840 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, LKF” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” INTEL_DEV_9841 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, LKF” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” INTEL_DEV_9842 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, LKF” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” INTEL_DEV_9850 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, LKF” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” ; JSL Simulation iJSLSIM = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, JSL” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” ; EHL HW iEHLLPDEVMOB1 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, EHL” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” iEHLLPDEVMOB2 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, EHL” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” iEHLLPDEVMOB3 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, EHL” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” iEHLLPVAL = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, EHL” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” ; RYF HW iRYFGT2 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, RYF” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” ; RKL HW iRKLLPGT1H32 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, RKL” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” iRKLLPGT1HPro32 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, RKL” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” iRKLLPGT1S32 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, RKL” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” iRKLLPGT0P5S16 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, RKL” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” iRKLLPGT1U32 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, RKL” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” iRKLLPGT0P5U16 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, RKL” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” iRKLLPGT0 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, RKL” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” ; DG2 HW iDG2HP512 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, Gen12 HP DG2” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” iDG2HP256 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, Gen12 HP DG2” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” iDG2HP128 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, Gen12 HP DG2” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” ; ADLS HW INTEL_DEV_4680 = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, ADL-S” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” INTEL_DEV_46FF = “Intel(R) UHD Graphics, ADL-S” “gfx-driver-ci-master-2624” https://www.techquila.co.in/intel-10nm-xe-gpu-tigerlake-cpu/
  3. https://www.techquila.co.in/x570-amd-ryzen-3000-price-1000/
  4. https://www.techquila.co.in/amd-radeon-rx-5700-vs-nvidia-rtx-2060/
  5. One of the core highlights of this year's E3 was the 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X CPU and the RX 5700 Navi graphics cards, being touted as the mid-range RTX killers. The first party benchmarks show that the Radeon RX 5700 XT tends to be 5-10% faster than the GeForce RTX 2070 while the RX 5700 appears to be almost 10% faster than the competing RTX 2060. However, amidst all the 7nm celebrations, a lot of people seem to have forgotten the Turing GPUs' core advantage- RTX. That's right, ray-tracing or RTX as NVIDIA is marketing it is being adopted by almost all the upcoming blockbuster PC titles at E3 2019. These include CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077, Ubisoft's Watch Dogs Legion, the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare reboot, Dying Light 2, Wallenstein: Young Blood, Sword, and Fairy 7 and Remedy's Control. Quite a list isn't it? And that's not all, from what we've been hearing a few more big names might fall behind Jensen and Co. https://www.techquila.co.in/nvidia-rtx-cyberpunk-2077-watch-dogs-legion-call-of-duty/
  6. It looks like cryptocurrency miners in India might have to look for an alternate line of work, as the government is looking to ban the use of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other related digital currencies. According to BloombergQuint, a new bill will soon be introduced seeking to disrupt the use of cryptocurrency in the country, with a possible jail penalty of up to a decade for holding, selling and even mining any of the digital currencies. https://www.techquila.co.in/india-ban-cryptocurrency/
  7. AMD announced its new RDNA GPU architecture at Computex, and the same is expected to power the next-gen Xbox and PS consoles, as well as the Navi GPUs, slated for a launch in July (7th most likely). According to team red, the Radeon RX 5700 will be up to 10% faster than rival NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2070. The RDNA macro-architecture is special for many reasons, but the crux of it is that it has been specifically designed for gamers. This also means that AMD won’t abandon the GCN architecture, and the two will keep on evolving side-by-side. https://www.techquila.co.in/amd-rdna-architecture/
  8. Here's the link: https://ranker.sisoftware.co.uk/show_run.php?q=c2ffcee889e8d5e2daead2e6d1f785b888aecbae93a385f6cbf3&l=en Here's the decoding chart: Explanation if you're feeling too lazy: https://www.techquila.co.in/amd-zen-2-epyc-rome-processor/
  9. A while back I published a post claiming that Crytek’s ray tracing demo that leveraged the AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 was only partially ray traced. That article got a lot of flak and criticism from people claiming to be “experts” on the subject. I, however, stood my ground and refused to take down the post. Now, Crytek has finally revealed more details on how it conducted that Noir ray tracing demo, and in the process proving that I was indeed correct. Crytek mentions that they dynamically switched from mesh-tracing to low-cost voxel tracing to allow the non-RTX GPU to deliver a solid 30FPS. It also didn’t implement ray traced shadows or AO and used the older SSAO ambient occlusion algorithm for ambient shadowing.
  10. The Pascal based GTX 1060, 1050Ti and 1050 gained the most in April as per Steam's survey: https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/videocard/
  11. Jon Peddie Research Firm's latest report isn't very encouraging if you are a PC gamer. According to the analyst, more and more PC gamers will probably shift to consoles because of increasing GPU prices and the inclusion of PC-specific features like 4K and ray tracing in the next-generation of these platforms. The coming of streaming services like the Google Stadia and the new Xbox One S console is going to further push gamers away from PC gaming. Read more here: https://www.techquila.co.in/20-million-pc-gamers-switch-to-consoles/
  12. https://www.techquila.co.in/cryteks-ray-tracing-demo-fake/ Tis fake!