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    you'll have to ask me
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    same as discord
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    sychicmind(I don't stream)

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    nothing is nowhere. when? never. makes sense, right?
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    I wish I had a job


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    i7 8700k
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    Strix Z370-E
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 16gb 3000Mhz C15
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    don't have one yet ;-;
  • Case
    Lian-Li-O11 Dynamic
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    512Gb HP EX920
  • PSU
    EVGA 750W G3
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    some random dell monitor
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    CoolerMaster ML360R
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    some random dell keyboard
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    some predator mouse that comes with prebuilts
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  1. Sychic

    Rainmeter Shenanigans

    i like making aesthetic desktops
  2. Sychic

    New build $1400 budget

    prolly like $20-30
  3. you should wait for the ryzen 3000 launch. It's supposed higher IPC than intel chips but don't pre order and wait for reviews
  4. Sychic

    Help me check my cables

    First off, it's kinda hard to do it by eye... Second, most cables have idiot-proof measure where you can't plug a thing into a spot where it isn't supposed to be. The only possibility off the top of my head would be 4 pin argb cables plugged into 3 pin rgb headers. Looks like it should be fine though
  5. better safe than sorry...
  6. Sychic

    Just help me!

    要是你的父母不同意,你需要找个跟好的原因。我觉得你应该找个跟便宜的电脑。 他们有可能觉得你不需要那么多的东西。也是,要是你的延时很长,有可能你需要把你的游戏服务器换到亚洲的。 @Spirit`yL
  7. Sychic

    What the hell Gigabyte?

    says 1900 pounds for that model for me
  8. Wait for ryzen 3000. much better ipc at a similar price. then go with a cheap gpu but maybe not a 1030. A Ryzen 3000 apu would work too.
  9. Not to be rude or anything, but where'd you get the idea that an intel motherboard would support a CPU from their competitor?
  10. It means that they can't detect the boot drive. Go into advanced mode, navigate over to the storage tab, and try to enable the drives.
  11. Try going into your bios and changing the boot priority to use a bootable USB and try that
  12. Sychic

    System Designs

    PC with a mini waterfall and garden in it. It'd probably have to be a big boi like a 1000D lol
  13. Sychic

    Huawei Files Suit In its Fight Against US Ban

    AFAIK, They're just saying it's for national security reasons due to the company having ties with the communist party... But that doesn't make sense. America also has companies that have ties with political parties.
  14. You could also always buy an adapter to VGA...