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  1. KuuHaKu5147

    Need help with temperature

    Welp sorry for waiting your time. It's appear that there's no thermal paste on the cpu, well because my friend is too lazy to get it. Anyway thanks for the reply.
  2. KuuHaKu5147

    Need help with temperature

    So i used RealTemp to check my pc temperature and it show 100'C. I turn off the device and decide to have a little touch and the mobo is hot to touch. Idk how the app works, but if i use it on an pc with no graphics then it show only 50-60'C. Could it be i have a bad graphics card or something?
  3. KuuHaKu5147

    I need help please

    Hey sorry for late reply but i already got it done. My problem is the ram stick, the first time i got the machine to work, that one ram doesn't sit properly so window didn't recognize it so the computer work normally. I check the ram and i reseat it, the pc work fine for like 5hrs and lost signal. Anyway thanks.
  4. KuuHaKu5147

    I need help please

  5. KuuHaKu5147

    I need help please

    Well i got my pc working again after i removed one of the ram stick and play around with the other one. When i boot up system gave me the error cmos battery failure. So does the battery really important for my pc or i could just ignore? I know the battery is cheap, but finding the compatible one is kinda challenging for me because my only way to obtain it is through online shopping.
  6. KuuHaKu5147

    I need help please

    Sorry for the late reply. I don't think the problem comes from my graphics bcs the monitor just suddenly lost the signal, nobody touched the cable or anything, my vga cable is still new( i thought the problem comes from the old one so i bought a new one to check) but still nothing happen. The pc did past posting, the power light just sit there and nothing happened, I'll check the ram slot and the graphics card. Anyway thanks for the suggestion.
  7. KuuHaKu5147

    I need help please

    So I got the problem which my monitor doesn't recognize my computer. Just a few hours ago I did solved the problem somehow when I switched the ram but now the monitor just turn black with no signal. Im using vga, my specs are shit, it doesn't support hdmi port and im using a hd graphics 2000 card. And I'm also a noob. Anyway sorry for the bad language.